Volume 37

September 6, 2021

September 6-10, 2021 NEWS TEACHERS REBECCA


-New teachers will be contacting you this week after Mon, Labor Day Holiday.  They might not yet have your email so please reply to their texts and phone messages with your email for HL newsletter info!

-We appreciate the home learning you do with your children!  Thanks for getting back to your teachers about how many home learning hours you have each week.

BEST OF LUCK AND HEALTH to ALL OUTGOING KINDERGARTENERS!  WE WILL MISS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES!  Send us an email and let us know how you are doing later – we love to hear about the new learning kids are doing and how they extend the skills they learned with us!

Social Emotional

Honor the friends and teachers from online classes your child is leaving behind: if your child talks about old friends you might draw them a pictures to send to the teacher and forward to the family.

They will make new friends but transitions are hard.  At night, if your child talks about an old friend you can blow nighttime hugs and kisses to the old friends!

Math / Science

The Seattle Public Library has “Book Bags” that you can borrow – request one to be sent to the library closest to your house.

Here are some of the book bags available: scroll down to see more.


The Curious Cat:

Don’t forget

School helpers:

School Tools: do you have these art supplies in your house?  What can you make with them before school starts?

Art / Writing


Learn Words D - G with the Word Worm | Toddler Fun Learning - YouTube

Learn words D-G with the Word Worm:

Look at the video and write the letters and draw the pictures to make your own word cards.

Good Morning, Farm Animals! 🐷 Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes - Learn Animal  Sounds on the Farm - YouTube


Move and sing with the animals in “Good Morning Farm Animals Song”:


Make letter “C” art with a baking pan, food coloring, and a small car you can wash off after: roll the wheels in food coloring on a lid, then set it on the letter c and “SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!”

Math / Science


Trace numbers and/or draw dots for each letter. 

What can the one dot be?  A sun?

Are 2 dots an animal’s eyes?

Could 3 dots be the buttons on a coat?

How about 4 dots? What can they make?

Counting and creativity come together when you give kids a chance to draw with dots!


Brush your teeth 2x a day: for 2 minutes: set a timer so your kids make sure to brush everywhere: The front teeth, the back of the front teeth, the inside teeth and the tops of the chewing teeth in back and up top.

Problem Solving


Removing Tape Game – Brain Booster!: Best suited for 2-4 year olds

Concentration is key while playing most games. It’s an important brain building activity to develop on. But, children are so easily distracted. Here’s a fun brain sharpening game for the little ones.

All it takes is some masking tape and a flat surface. Use this brain game to help enhance your toddler’s concentration. Toddlers love feeling, scratching and pulling, and this activity uses all of those actions!

Tip: On a flat surface, table or notebook, stick strips of masking tape. Make sure the tapes overlap. Demonstrate to your toddler how to remove the tape one at a time by scraping the ends with your fingernails.

Allow your child to explore and remove the tape themselves. You can add different colored tapes (insulation tapes) or textured craft tapes to add more elements to the activity.

Movement / Play

TUES: Mirror each other- Teach your child to copy your movements exactly as you do them while facing each other.

Then invite your child to lead and you copy them.

You can practice this to create some emotional connection with your child plus have physical fun!

WED: You and your child each think of three different types of movements and create “stations” in your home living room: do 3 to 10 repetitions of each movement at each station.  Put quick outline figures doing movements on small papers

THURS: Wacky Wednesday movement: get silly! Get out some scarves and funny costumes and dance around

FRI: Put on a 30 minute soundtrack and set a timer: invite your children to dance, do the station movements from another day activity, and move around the room in a slow/fast rhythm following the playlist you are playing.

SAT: Family fun day – go for a walk around the block: bring your own “iSpy bingo page“

  • Divide the paper into different squares and draw a quick sketch or symbol to show different things you’re looking for:
  • stop sign shape
  • numbers you might find on houses or street signs