February 2022 Newsletter

February 1, 2022

Toddler Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to Classroom 114 A at Highpoint! Our classroom phone number is ___________________________!

Remember if your child is not feeling good please stay home.


 Tons of books for you to read with your children!

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Topic: Oral Health Training

Time: Feb 24, 2022 04:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Social Emotional

Oral Health- “How to brush your toddler’s teeth, step-by-step” pdf attached “ Blippy brushing teeth” “Elmo brushing teeth”

Language / Literacy

Letters, Letters, Letters

Write three familiar letter on a sheet of paper.

Point to each letter and name it. Ask your child to point to and name any letters she can identify. This letter looks like a circle. It’s an O. This letter is curved. It’s the first letter in your name. It’s a C.

Continue the experience on the other side of the paper for as long as your child is interested.

Math / Science

Game 1: Simple Sorting.

Pull out 3 cards from each suit (12 cards total) and laid them

face up for my 2.5 year old toddler. I put a red card on the

left and a black one on the right and simply asked him to sort the cards by color. Simple enough, a great “ice breaker” activity for our first game with the playing cards. Sorting is such an important math skill so he’s learning tons here classifying by color.

Problem Solving

Let’s Explore

Display a collection of house materials, such as kitchen utensils or house hold items.

As your child explores the materials, encourage her to think of different ways to use or manipulate them. First you laid the fork, knife, and spoon next to each other. What do we use these for?

Offer support as your child tries to explore, experiment with, and manipulate the items in new ways. Ask questions to encourage her to think of different ways to use the objects.

Art / Writing

Silly Wavy Lines

Offer your child crayons and paper. Use a crayon to make different marks and lines on your paper.

Encourage your child to make marks on his paper. Offer suggestions that prompt him to add to his drawing. Can you tell me about your picture? Oh, you made an airplane? It’s a very big airplane! What else do you want to add to your picture?

Look at different parts of the picture and talk with your child about the details you see and the images he created. I see big green circles and lots of little polka dots.

Movement / Play

Whisper Songs

Choose a favorite song to sing with your child. Invite her to copy the way you sing. Show her how to sing the song in a whisper, a moderately loud voice, and a very loud voice.

Add movements as you change the volume of your voice. For example, stand up tall when you use a loud voice and crouch down low as you whisper.

Invite your child to join you in singing the song and performing the movements. Are you ready to sing, Maria? Let’s start with a whisper. I am crouching down low. Can you crouch down low with me?

Art / Writing

Nature Painting

Gather a shallow tray or box, paint, and paper.

While outdoors, collect natural items such as leaves, rocks, and pinecones with your child.

Invite your child to use the natural items to paint by dipping an item in paint and then brushing or rolling it on the paper. Observe your child’s arm and hand movements as he works with the materials.

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