WA boost in student homelessness funding reaches more districts

March 14, 2024

Article by Greg Kim in the Seattle Times (published Feb. 21, 2024)

“About half of the increased state funding went to nonprofits serving homeless students, such as Neighborhood House in King County, which received nearly $200,000. It’s using that to help homeless students and their families in Tukwila, where an immigration crisis has brought hundreds of asylum-seekers from Angola, Congo and Venezuela. Originally landing at a church that opened its doors as shelter, most families are temporarily being put up in hotels, but it’s not clear what the long-term solutions for them are.

Brianna Dwyer-O’Connor, director of housing and economic opportunity at Neighborhood House, said the money will go toward permanent housing for a few families, legal support for asylum-seekers and basic supplies like clothes and blankets.”

Said Dwyer-O’Connor: “$200,000 isn’t actually going to go too far unfortunately. A ton more support will be needed. But we are hoping that we can provide some support to some of the families.”

Read the full Seattle Times article here.