Lessons from making Takis from scratch

December 17, 2021

We are sharing three letters from the Neighborhood House community over the next couple of weeks to mark moments from 2021. Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support! Please find our volunteer Becky Bruhn’s message below.

As a guest at Neighborhood House events, I’d hear about their summer and afterschool programs. Sitting in the audience, I never imagined I would get an opportunity to participate myself, to meet some of the great kids and teachers, and to lead a Neighborhood House afterschool class!

During the lockdown, in the early phase of COVID, I taught online cooking classes. I specialized in foods we usually buy but can make from scratch at home – like bread, condiments, and nut milks. When Neighborhood House invited me to teach a class this year, they said the kids wanted to make Takis from scratch. For the uninitiated, Takis are super-hot spicy rolled-up tortilla chips, next-level Doritos, and kids seem to love them.

I was taken aback but resolved to practice what I preach and found a recipe that approximated the spice mix of Takis. The Neighborhood House youth staff ensured that every child had the ingredients and tools they needed to participate in the class. And then we made it happen! Later, we were able to have another class, this time in person.

I wish every Neighborhood House supporter could see the afterschool and summer programs firsthand. Kids have space to gather, rest, play, talk, and ask questions. They receive snacks, books, activities, a little structure, and a lot of respect. I came away feeling certain that youth would remember their time at Neighborhood House fondly, for many years to come.

A community where children and youth from all backgrounds get to explore hands-on learning is worth investing in.

Thank you for your support and taking the time to read this story.


Becky Bruhn, Friend of Neighborhood House