Statewide diaper bank and advocacy

August 18, 2021

Last summer, we put out a call to help low-income families with young children in King County get access to diapers. The response was immediate and because of the maintained momentum around this issue, Neighborhood House has since been able to distribute: 110,000+ diapers and $21,000 of baby supplies!

Additionally, due to our collective communities’ continued advocacy and concern, the Washington state legislature will be providing $5 million directly to diaper banks over the next two years statewide. A public comment period is now open to gather input from stakeholders and the general public to help guide what should be included in the new program. Comments can be emailed to CSBG@Commerce.WA.Gov through 11:59 pm on August 25.

We look forward to our continued collaboration with local partners such as WestSide Baby to provide families with supplies to keep babies and children healthy. And as always, Neighborhood House supports well-being with programs to increase access to jobs, housing, education, and more equitable economic opportunity.

Thank you to all of you for making a difference by donating, voting, and advocating for a healthy, diverse, and welcoming community, free of poverty and racism, where all people thrive.