How Seattle is attempting to ensure racial equity in access to COVID-19 vaccines

February 5, 2021

“STONE: She was able to help Hadera get a shot at a nearby pop-up clinic. Janice Deguchi, executive director of Neighborhood House, says their clients were also given early access to sign up for the mass vaccine site.

JANICE DEGUCHI: That would definitely be an example of what worked. More of that would be great.

STONE: She says doses should go directly to primary care doctors in non-white communities. And the state needs a centralized waiting list so when vaccine is available, people aren’t overlooked.

DEGUCHI: Before we just go to the next round, which is going to be kind of a mad dash, that we ensure that there is equity and that those vulnerable populations have access.”

Read the full transcript or listen to the piece at the link below, featuring Neighborhood House staff members Mestefakir Kassa and Janice Deguchi.