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Story Time Thursdays

The Neighborhood House Preschool program works to provide high quality education for children aged three to fives years. Teaching staff facilitate activities that provide creative ways for students to explore a variety of topics. In addition to preparing students for taking their next educational step into Kindergarten, teachers seek to create an environment where students are excited about learning.

Story Time Thursday is a monthly event in which teachers invite community members into their classrooms to read stories to students. The reading sessions are 45-60 minutes. The books are hand selected for volunteers by teachers, so all you have to do is bring your best storyteller skills.


This event is offered on the last Thursday of each month at all four Neighborhood House preschool locations: NewHolly and Rainier Vista (south Seattle), High Point (West Seattle) and Yesler Terrace (central Seattle).

Specific times vary by location. Inquire for details.


Anyone interested in volunteering for this position should contact Courtney Jacob, Volunteer Services Manager, at (206) 461-8430 ext. 2006 or