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Volunteers play a critical role at Neighborhood House, helping us help immigrants, refugees and low-income people overcome the challenges they face in everyday life. Our volunteers also enjoy a supportive workplace, satisfying work, and hands-on experience.


Making Masks for NH Staff and Clients
: Neighborhood House staff are busy working behind the scenes to provide critical services to community members in need, including rental assistance, and helping to seniors to navigate their medical appointments and benefits. Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by making masks for clients, volunteers, and staff.

Read and Record Children Stories: Neighborhood House is committed to providing quality early childhood education services to preschool children at several locations throughout King County.Video record yourself reading an age-appropriate (ages 1-5) children’s book. The videos will be uploaded to a YouTube channel that will only be accessible with a private link.

Actors for Early Learning Training: Neighborhood House has home visitors who are a part of our Child Development Department. Home visitors’ main goal is to support parents in promoting the optimal development of their children. We are working on developing a new video training for home visitors for which we need physical or voice actors.

Event volunteering allows you to make an impact in one day, or even a few hours, of helping to provide enrichment, resources, and FUN! to our local communities.  

Teambuilding: When we find new homes for our families to move into, we like to provide them with a starter kit of supplies, such as dish soap, towels, trashcans, cleaning products, etc. We are looking for a partner who is willing to acquire supplies and assemble the welcome baskets for newly housed families.

Packing and Delivering Health Supplies: Neighborhood House Community Health Staff need support providing health related supplies to the communities they serve. You would be involved in getting much needed supplies packed and delivered to homes in and around communities in South Seattle (Rainier Vista, Yesler Terrace, High Point, New Holly, or Greenbridge).


Ongoing, regular volunteer opportunities allow you to build relationships with Neighborhood House staff, volunteers, and community members, while making a difference.

ADS Administrative Assistant - Bilingual in English and Farsi: Volunteers with this program work directly with clients and Neighborhood Staff, providing general program assistance with administrative tasks, researching client resources, and shadowing Case Managers and support staff both in office and field settings.
Tukwila - Bilingual in English and Arabic
Tukwila - Bilingual in English and Farsi

Language Bank: Translate program flyers, in writing, on an as-needed basis. Both professional translators and individuals fluent in English and another language are welcome to apply. High-needs languages include Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya, Oromo, Amharic, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

The opportunities below are on hold, and are a good example of the types of activities that will be available when normal office operations resume.
Adult Education: Several community members are taking courses towards becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) or a Home Care Aide, and could benefit from tutoring in these subjects. You would be tutoring these individuals to get the support they need.
High Point 

Information Technology Assistant: Work with the Director of IT & Operational Systems and their staff to update and maintain the many workstations Neighborhood House clients and staff use. 
Weller (must be able to travel to different Neighborhood House locations as requested)

Beginner ESL Classroom Assistant: Assist the Lead ESL Instructor to provide small group and 1:1 support for students with little or no knowledge of the English language or alphabet. 
Birch Creek (Kent)

Childcare Assistant: Work with Neighborhood House staff to ensure children (age 3+) of ESL students are safe and having fun while their parents attend classes. 
High Point (West Seattle)

Youth Tutoring and Mentoring: Help program staff with creating a fun, safe learning environment that reflects the diverse backgrounds of the participating youth by providing assistance, mentorship, and encouragement to students.
Burndale & Firwood Circle (Auburn)

Preschool Classroom Assistants: Assist in creating a safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for children aged 3-5.
Rainier Vista
New Holly
High Point (West Seattle)

Toddler Classroom Assistants: Assist in creating a safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for children aged 1-3.
New Holly

Kitchen Assistant
: Contribute to the health and nutrition of preschool-aged children by assisting with the preparation and serving of meals and snacks for students.
New Holly

Front Desk Reception: Assist a diverse group of clients, community members, staff, volunteers, and more with phone calls, administrative tasks, and directing people where to go. 
Greenbridge (White Center)

To learn more about applying to volunteer at Neighborhood House, please read Volunteering at Neighborhood House or contact Volunteer Services Manager Janelle Losse at 206-461-8430, ext. 2006 or by e-mail at