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Volunteers play a critical role at Neighborhood House, helping us help immigrants, refugees and low-income people overcome the challenges they face in everyday life. Our volunteers also enjoy a supportive workplace, satisfying work, and hands-on experience.

Ongoing, regular volunteer opportunities allow you to build relationships with Neighborhood House staff, volunteers, and community members, while making a difference.

Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is the governing body of Neighborhood House, which carries the responsibility for guiding the present and future direction of the agency. There are four standing committees: Board Development, Planning and Evaluation, Finance, and Resource and Development. The committees and the Board as a whole play an important role in ensuring we fulfill our mission: To partner with individuals and families to build community and increase access to housing, health, education, and economic opportunity.

Read and Record Children's Stories: Video record yourself reading a children’s book. The videos will be uploaded to a Vimeo channel, and the links will be shared with families participating in Neighborhood House programs. 

Actors for Early Learning Training: Neighborhood House has home visitors who are a part of our Child Development Department. Home visitors’ main goal is to support parents in promoting the optimal development of their children. We are working on developing a new video training for home visitors for which we need physical or voice actors.

Virtual Youth Tutoring Assistant: The After-School Tutoring Program is designed to contribute to students’ overall academic achievement by providing students with personalized homework assistance and engaging them in activities to further develop their academic and social skills. You will provide virtual tutoring help with students aged 5-18.

On-Call Virtual Youth Tutoring Assistant: Neighborhood House’s Youth Engagement Program offers academic assistance, engagement through project-based learning and social emotional learning. We are seeking tutors to be on call during the academic assistance portion of the program. During our drop-in tutoring sessions, youth will bring their online schoolwork to the virtual call and we guide them to understand and complete their work.

Skill Sharer: We are seeking volunteers to engage with youth in grades K-12 to teach a new skill or activity. Some examples include: If you are a crafter and want to share out how to crochet, we can have a class on that! Professional photographers that can teach youth how to take expert photos with the phone cameras! The possibilities are endless in this remote setting. If reasonable, supplies can be distributed to youth to make sessions interactive.

Language Bank
: Translate program flyers, in writing, on an as-needed basis. Both professional translators and individuals fluent in English and another language are welcome to apply. High-needs languages include Arabic, Farsi, Tigrinya, Oromo, Amharic, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Event volunteering allows you to make an impact in one day, or even a few hours, of helping to provide enrichment, resources, and FUN! to our local communities.  

Teambuilding: When we find new homes for our families to move into, we like to provide them with a starter kit of supplies, such as dish soap, towels, trashcans, cleaning products, etc. We are looking for a partner who is willing to acquire supplies and assemble the welcome baskets for newly housed families.

To learn more about applying to volunteer at Neighborhood House, please read Volunteering at Neighborhood House or contact Volunteer Services Manager Janelle Losse at 206-461-8430, ext. 2006 or by e-mail at