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Neighborhood House Diaper Drive


Diapers are NOT covered by WIC and food stamps. We are asking for your help to give the gift of clean diapers to a family struggling to get through this financial crisis. Will you give today?



Why Diapers?

We live in a region that is powered by one-day deliveries and bulk purchases but the reality is that many people cannot afford and do not have access to these services.

Though public benefits such as WIC or SNAP (food stamps) offer some aid to families, they do not go far enough by not covering essentials such as diapers. 

Lack of enough jobs that offer living wages and the rising cost of housing, in addition to decades of unjust government policies have caused so many of our community members to fall so far behind. And COVID-19 has exacerbated the situation.


Our Goal

The team at Neighborhood House has identified a direct diaper service to send families diapers directly to their homes.

We have identified 200 families that are most in need of this service and want to assure they will not have to worry about diapers for 3 months.

The average cost for the delivery of a month's supply of diapers is $50. A $30,000 goal over 3 months.

Will you help us reach that goal?



How You Can Help






Other Ways to Help

Want to donate essential baby items like wipes, shampoo, powder, etc.? Visit WestSide Baby's website for more ways to help.



 Thank you

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