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Where are they now? A former AmeriCorps member reflects on his year of service

Jimmy Huynh’s 2014-15 AmeriCorps service included providing after school homework assistance and project-based learning to low-income K-12 students who lived in public housing in the Burndale community in Auburn.

Youth Tutoring Program Manager Shak Sanders says Jimmy’s impact on the youth he worked with was evident in the tight relationships formed.

“They were able to learn so many lessons from him. Some of the most important skills they learned from him included dependability, humility, kindness and academic prowess. The children, families, and the community do miss him but he visits whenever he can,” Shak said.

Neighborhood House: How did you become an AC member here at NH?

Jimmy: I came up to Seattle in July of 2014 from Fort Worth, where I grew up. Once I found a place to live, I saw a posting for the Youth Tutor position and it piqued my interest.

NH: What did you learn through your AmeriCorps experience, what kinds of activities did you do, and how would you describe it?

J: One theme that we explored was how people use art to express emotions and the various mediums used. We covered painting, sculpting and photography, for instance. We would cover that theme for a few months and toward the end the kids got to do a showcase of their work where they showed the community what they had learned. Our team decided to hold an art gallery for the showcase and it was a huge success! I've made so many connections with the community and it was a really eye-opening and humble experience.

NH: What have you been doing in the year since you’ve been away from Neighborhood House?

J: I decided to try the private sector again but this time within the investment field. I landed a job at a brokerage firm in downtown Seattle and it’s really great so far! I help clients manage their own portfolio of investments. I recently passed my Series 7 and 63 [licensing exams] which is a great milestone for me. The licensing exams are pretty much a gateway into the investment world.

NH: What’s next for you?

J: I want to backpack across South America and Asia for a bit and I want to do that before I turn 30. But I’m really still trying to find myself.