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The silver lining found in a cloud of unemployment

Despite being in the prime of a successful career as a physical therapist, Ann suddenly found herself unemployed. Losing her job was a devastating blow to her finances as well as her psyche –she’d never experienced a loss like it. She feared her career was finished and didn’t know where to begin looking for a job after so many years of continuous employment.  

In stepped Jody Azevedo, a Neighborhood House job specialist, who says she knew she could help the 59-year-old bounce back, and began by helping her spruce up her dusty resume.

Says Jody, “When I met Ann she was scared and broken. She felt her career was over. I met with her and I gave her hope, and I helped her realize that her dream job was waiting for her, and that we just needed to do a little work to get there.”

With help from Jody, Ann also reassessed her career path, sharpened her interview skills, and reclaimed the self-confidence she’d lost along with her old job.

“I had a great conversation with Jody that allowed me to start thinking about what direction I wanted my life to go in,” she says. “She helped explain all of my options, what resources were available to me, and I began to realize that things happen for a reason.”

Ann landed a new job within just four weeks, and her life has further improved. Her renewed outlook on life prompted her to also consider venture out on dates, and she’s now in a relationship with the man of her dreams, and says marriage is on the horizon. She’s also closer to starting her own physical therapy business.

What advice does Ann have for others who unexpectedly find themselves in the unemployment line?

“Just know that if you want a job, Neighborhood House is there to help you achieve your dreams by walking with you and lighting the path that will show you how to land that job.”