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In her own words: A client thanks Neighborhood House

“To all the wonderful people who helped to give me a place to call home, I want to say thank you very much for your support in funding Neighborhood House. With your help I am now able to say I have a home for the first time in my life.”

Very powerful words from Elysia Miller, one of the many clients we’ve assisted. In fact, our diverse Housing Stability team, has helped an estimated 2,000 King County residents during the past two years alone. That’s 2,000 brighter futures and independent lives we’ve helped shape.

Says Tanner Phillips, Senior Housing Stability Manager, “The entire team has grown very quickly and is now providing housing, employment and other self-sufficiency services to hundreds of families each year.”

Elysia recently recalled the tension and desperation she felt about trying to get a handle on her life, just before arriving at Neighborhood House’s doors.

“I met Roland in early July and was referred to the housing program with Munira. Later that day, Munira called me to arrange for a meeting later that week,” she says.

“For the past 21 years I had always bounced around from place to place with nowhere stable to lay my head at night and nowhere to study and focus on schooling. But with Roland’s help I was able to get a bus pass, allowing me to get to and from school and now to work.

“But during the week my living situation had only worsened. Thursday finally came and I had already found an apartment, but had no way to pay for it. I met with Munira and was very upset when I found out it can take up to two weeks to complete this process. “

Elysia says she was in a state of panic because she had nowhere to sleep after the next twenty four hours.

“At this point, Munira did all she could to get me into my apartment by that Saturday. She took the extra effort and called the landlord of the apartment building, emailed her and spoke with the woman that would be moving me in. By the end of the meeting, I was told I would be able to move into the new apartment that Saturday and not have to wait the typical two weeks.

Elysia added that the Housing Stability team outdid itself, by expediting her paperwork and going the extra mile, just so she could have a roof over her head.

“Thanks to Munira, Fartun, Roland, and Grace. Now that I have a place to call home where I am safe, I believe I have the chance to blossom into a great member of society.  And thank you to all who help to support Neighborhood House; if it wasn't for you I would still be homeless with nothing.”

And while her journey to independence may be just beginning, Elysia says she now has the self-confidence to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead of her.