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"Sometimes, just a little help is all we need"

Up until a little while ago, life was fairly smooth sailing for Freada, a Seattle native who is raising four children. The single mother and full-time phlebotomist had her hands full raising a two, 11- 15- and 18-year old, but she had things under control and her family was safe and sound.

Then the apartment they were renting developed toxic mold, which only aggravated her kids’ asthma, and despite attempts to paint over the felonious fungus, their two-bedroom unit in Kent became uninhabitable.  Forced with the choice between keeping her kids safe and healthy and breaking her lease, she chose the latter, which resulted in the family’s eviction.

Unable to shake this eviction, she spent the next few weeks shuffling her children to live with various friends and spending nights alone sleeping in her car. A frantic call to 2-1-1, a crisis referral service, resulted in a recommendation that she seek out Neighborhood House.

Immediately, she says, she felt like Munira and Joshua, two Housing Stability experts, could easily help her get a new apartment.

“Joshua took the time to listen to my story, and was not judgmental,” Freada said. “He and Munira gave us confidence and just the right amount of case management and financial help so we could get back on our feet.”

Her children are once again focused on things kids should be concerned about, like school and friends, rather than where they might sleep next.

“I thank Neighborhood House for having staff that care and find humor in their interactions with people like me who need a place to count on, and people to count on,” she said.

“There are times when a crisis happens, and it’s not that we need someone to completely take over all of our problems, but we just need a little help. Whatever you need to do, especially if you have kids, don’t give up—you have to keep trying. Giving up is the easy way out, and it will only lead to depression if you let it.”

Sometimes, people just need a little help to get through life’s rough patches.