Neighborhood House
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Program Highlights

  • Neighborhood House staffer shares Gracious Space influence on work, life
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  • Parents inspire preschoolers with stories from home
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  • Parent-Child Home Program plants seeds for reading in young children
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Early Childhood Education

Please visit for Neighborhood House's new website for early childhood education programs. Learn about enrollment, fill out an application, and more. 

Neighborhood House has been providing high-quality early childhood education programs for decades and was one of the first Head Start preschool providers in the Northwest region. Today we offer a full range of early-childhood education programs for low-income families (from expectant parents to those with children birth to 5 years old). We focus on providing culturally-appropriate services to all enrolled families, many of whom are recent refugees and immigrants. 

Our report to the community
We have prepared an annual report for our Head Start program, to serve as an addendum to our agency annual report.  Read the most current Head Start annual report here.