Volume 9

March 24, 2021

Teacher: Laura Martin  Winter Volume 9

Hello Parents,        

Our next Parent Meeting is Tuesday, March 23rd at 4pm.  We will have a guest speaker from Seattle Public Schools share with us what to expect in the first few weeks of Kindergarten.  Hope to see you all there!Teacher Laura

WEEK: March 8, 2021

THEME: Wild Animals  COLOR: Green    

WEDNESDAY ACTIVITIES:   Practice writing the alphabet.  If you can, do both upper and lower case.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Draw a picture of 5 things that start with the letter F.  Here are some ideas or you can think of our own:

Food             Farm

Finger           Fear

Fox               Frog

Fancy            Fish

Flipper          Fruit

Language / Literacy

15 minutes

Annie’s cat goes away and Annie is lonely.  What will she do?

Find out in the book “Annie and the Wild Animals” by Jan Brett

Art / Writing

30 minutes

Here is a fun activity!

  1. Match each letter with the picture that starts with that letter.

 Say each match out loud, like this “A is the first letter in apple.”

  1. Choose three of the pictures to draw and color.

A             B          C          D             E              F




Problem Solving

15 minutes

“MAKE IT MOVE” – a game to play with mom or dad.

You will need masking tape (or string) and a crumpled up ball of paper.

Make straight lines on the floor or table top with the tape or string.  Put the crumpled paper ball in between the lines.

Now move the paper ball outside the lines, WITHOUT TOUCHING IT!  How many different ways can you move the paper ball without touching it?




Social Emotional


What makes you feel happy?  Can you think of three things?

Do you know what makes your sister or brother happy?

Do you know what makes your mom and dad happy?

When you look at someone, how can you tell if she is happy?


Movement / Play

Click on this link to sing and count with Teacher Laura!