Volume 7

October 18, 2021

Teachers: Martha Dominguez & Mamata Das

Head Start Full Day | Fall 2021-2022

Home Learning Volume 7| Week of 10.18-22.2021

Vaccine Verification

Please remember that starting Monday, October 25, proof of COVID vaccination will be required in King County for everyone ages 12+ at restaurants and bars, indoor recreational events or establishments, and outdoor events with 500 people or more. Read more about the order here, including translations in 17 languages.

Oral Health

Seasonal Influenza

Colds and Asthma

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Sometimes I'm Bombaloo (Scholastic Bookshelf): Vail, Rachel, Heo, Yumi:  9780439669412: Books

Sometimes I’m Bombaloo

Parents: After listening to the story, ask your children to give a name to different feelings or emotions at different situations. For example, what name would you give to the feeling when you get your favorite toy, or when your toys breaks.

Padres: Después de escuchar la historia, pídales a sus hijos que le den un nombre a diferentes sentimientos o emociones en diferentes situaciones. Por ejemplo, qué nombre le daría a la sensación cuando obtenga su juguete favorito, o cuando se rompa su juguete.

Song: These are My Feelings

Another idea to explore about feelings and emotions by doing one of these art projects.

Otra idea para explorar sobre sentimientos y emociones al hacer uno de estos proyectos de arte.

Language / Literacy Sleepy ABC: Brown, Margaret Wise, Katz, Karen: Books

Book: Sleepy ABC

You can follow up the story with these

Activities. Collect a few items that you know can rhyme like the one in the picture below.

Clock, sock, rock, lock, and pen.

During preschool and Kindergarten, kids take important steps on the path toward reading, and you help stretch those steps so they’re more like leaps and bounds. Once your child can recognize the letters of the alphabet, you may want to start practicing simple word recognition. Here is a fun and easy way to make the transition from letter mastery to word building.  Activity found here!

Durante el preescolar y el jardín de infantes, los niños dan pasos importantes en el camino hacia la lectura, y usted ayuda a estirar esos pasos para que sean más como pasos agigantados. Una vez que su hijo pueda reconocer las letras del alfabeto, es posible que desee comenzar a practicar el reconocimiento de palabras simples. Aquí hay una manera fácil y divertida de hacer la transición del dominio de las letras a la construcción de palabras.

Math / Science

60 minutes

Pick a Circle, Gather Squares: A Fall Harvest of Shapes: Chernesky, Felicia  Sanzari, Swan, Susan: 9780807565384: Books

Pick a Circle, Gather Squares

After reading the story, try out these math activities with pumpkins. Measure, count seeds, and weight different sizes of pumpkins.

Shape Up Song by Jack Hartmann

Art / Writing

60 minutes

Parents: This example is something you can do with your child without having to use a pencil. These are fine motor skill practices as children trace.

You can use playdough, sticks, rocks, and cotton instead of the things showed in the picture.

Padres: Este ejemplo es algo que pueden hacer con su hijo sin tener que usar un lápiz. Se trata de prácticas de motricidad fina a medida que los niños trazan las líneas. Puede usar plastilina, palos, piedras y algodón en lugar de las cosas que se muestran en la imagen.

Tracing is a great technique for clearing your mind and relaxing. Help your child learn how to calm themselves down and clear their minds by tracing their hands.

El rastreo es una gran técnica para despejar la mente y relajarse. Ayude a su hijo a aprender a calmarse y aclarar sus mentes trazando sus manos.

Problem Solving

Talk and Work It Out - YouTube

Story: Talk and Work It Out

After reading the story, check out the next video about how to breath, and lastly the visuals about the solutions during a conflict.

Sesame Street - Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame (Laugh and learn as you help  a Sesame Street monster) - YouTube


Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Teaching Problem Solving

Song: Feelings
(Tune: Twinkle, twinkle)
I have feelings, you do too
Let’s all sing about a few.
I am happy, I am sad,
I get scared, I get mad.
I am proud of being me.
That’s a feeling too, you see.
I have feelings, you do too.
We just sang about a few

Movement / Play

Bean Bag Rock with scarves


Animals in Action by Greg and Steve