Volume 6

October 11, 2021

Teacher Juliet & Teacher Genet            126 AM Classroom

October 11 – October 15, 2021      SY 2021-2022 Fall Volume 6

Vaccine Verification

Please remember that starting Monday, October 25, proof of COVID vaccination will be required in King County for everyone ages 12+ at restaurants and bars, indoor recreational events or establishments, and outdoor events with 500 people or more. Read more about the order here, including translations in 17 languages.

Flu Shots

Flu season is here – to help prevent catching the seasonal flu, do not forget to get your flu vaccine. The CDC recommends the flu vaccine for everyone over 6 months of age. Children under 2, adults 65 and over, and people with chronic conditions are at a higher risk of developing complications from the flu. Learn more about the flu here. If you are on Neighborhood House’s insurance plan, you can make a free appointment with Kaiser.

Rent Assistance

As a reminder, the Washington state eviction moratorium bridge expires at the end of this month – communities who need assistance with paying rent or anticipate not being able to pay rent should apply now to ensure they are protected, even if applications may not be processed before October 31. Information and applications are available in 28 languages.

Please note that Seattle has extended the moratorium in its city limits only through January 15, 2022.

Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Monday Activities There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!:  9780545241984: Colandro, Lucille, Lee, Jared: Books


Author: Lucille Colandro

Ilustrator: Jared Lee

You will not believe why this old lady swallowed some leaves, a shirt, a pumpkin, a pole, some paints, a rope, and some hay!

Leaf name game - perfect for fall!

Materials:  Leaves , tape, paper, marker

  1. Ask your child what are the letters in their name.
  2. Then wrote out each letter of your child name on the paper.
  3. Ask your child to walk outside and pick up some leaves.
  4. Write each leaves all the letters of your child’s name.
  5. Ask your child to match the letters of their name from paper and leaces.

Art / Writing

60 minutes

Tuesday Activities 

Writing Pattern Practice:

Trace the line pattern in the paper and ask your child to trace it using crayons or colored pencil.


Leaf Rubbing Activity        

Maple Leaf Rubbings Art

3T's Tremendous Tasks for Tomorrow | Park Community Academy

Materials: Real Leaves, paper, crayons

  1. Collect leaves of various shapes and sizes. You can use fresh or dried leaves.
  2. Place a leaf with its bottom side facing up.
  3. Put a sheet of paper, preferably thin or lightweight, over the leaf.
  4. Rub the side of a crayon or an oil pastel gently on the area over the leaf. As you do this, you will see the colored areas start to take the shape of the leaf.
  5. Continue until you have rubbed over the entire leaf.
  6. Remove the leaf from under the paper. This completes the basic steps for making a leaf rubbing.
  7. Make more leaf rubbings using other colors and different leaf shapes.

Math / Science

Wednesday Activities


Leaf Sorting Activity

leaf sorting | Fun With Kids

Collect different kinds and color leaves outside.

Ask your child to sort the leaves according to color.

Leaf Counting or graphing

Fall into fun with leaf activities | Fall math activities, Fall preschool  activities, Leaf projects

From the leaf sorting activity, help your child to graph leaves according to color and count which color have more and which color have less leaves.


Leaves Sensory Bottles

Autumn Leaves Sensory Bottles - Three Ways - Tea in the Wild

Materials: plastic bottles, leaves, water or oil.

Collect leaves

Put leaves inside the plastic bottles.

Add water or oil.

Cover tight and enjoy your sensory bottle.

Problem Solving

60 minutes

Thursday Activities

Paper Towel Roll Number Maze


A cardboard box or plastic tray with an outer edge on all 4 sides

Paper towel tubes or toilet paper tubes

Marker and Tape

A ball or object that rolls easily


Cool DIY Cardboard Marble Run Ideas Kids Love | Happy Mom Hacks

Paper Towel Roll & Pom Pom Challenge * ages 3+ ⋆ Raising Dragons Discovery DIY: STEAM Fun with Paper Towel Tubes! – Kansas Children's Discovery Center


  1. Cut the sides of your cardboard box to the desired height if necessary.
  2. Cut tubes into smaller sections. You will need 9 total.
  3. Write numbers 1-9 on the tubes. Tip: underline 6 and 9.
  4. Arrange the numbered tube sections in a random order and position and tape them to the base of the cardboard box.
  5. Roll the ball through the maze to make sure it fits between spaces.

Help your child create a Paper Towel Roll Number Maze. Gluing the rolls needs adult supervision.

Challenge your child to play ball maze following the correct number order.

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Friday Activities

LISTEN BETTER to your heart to help stay safe. You are good enough just as you are. Do things that make you feel good no matter what friends say. Do your best…have fun…be true to yourself.

Howard B. Wigglebottom Listens to His Heart: Ana, Reverend, Binkow, Howard,  Cornelison, Susan F.: 9780971539020: Books

Movement / Play

60 minutes

Baby Shark Music and Movement


Candle and Flower Breathing


I am A Little Sunflower | Action Song


Waltz of the Flowers | Br. Joy Galliford


Waltz of the Flower | Percussion


Let your kid use the scarf as a flower and move along with the music.


Yoga for Kids: Garden Themed Yoga Complete With Printable Poster