Volume 5

October 4, 2021

Teachers: Martha Dominguez & Mamata Das

Head Start Full Day | Fall 2021-2022

Home Learning Volume 5| Week of 10.04-08.2021


 October 13, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Hearing and Vision Screenings for NEWLY enrolled children, and those who may need them.

Best Sensory Toys to Reduce Stress for Kids

Family Fun Ideas for Seattle, the Eastside and the South Sound

Social Emotional

60 minutes


Book: Visiting Feelings

Visiting Feelings: Rubenstein, Lauren J.: 9781433813399: Books

Feelings song
(Tune: Twinkle, twinkle)
I have feelings, you do too
Let’s all sing about a few.
I am happy, I am sad,
I get scared, I get mad.
I am proud of being me.
That’s a feeling too, you see.
I have feelings, you do too.
We just sang about a few.

Game: Simon Says “Feelings”
Play Simon says with the children substituting feeling phrases for the usual directions. For example, say: “Simon says, look happy.” In between commands you can ask them questions about those feelings, such as “What makes you feel happy?”

Language / Literacy


Alphabet Book

We are learning letter B this week!  If your child recognizes the letter B or more letters, try out some letter sounds, and these arts and crafts samples.

Alphabet Children's Book Collection | Discover Epic Children's Books,  Audiobooks, Videos & More

 ¡Estamos aprendiendo la letra B esta semana!

Si su hijo reconoce la letra B o mas letras, practique algunos sonidos de letras y estas obras de arte y manualidades.

Singalong with this Letter Sounds Picture Book


Math / Science

My Autumn Book: Yee, Wong Herbert, Yee, Wong Herbert: 9780805099225: Books

My Autumn Book

Parents, after watching the video take a walk outside with your child, (if weather permits) and look around at the trees. Collect some leaves, and explore them.

What texture do they have, what shapes do you see? Are the leaves pointy, oval, or curvy? Make your own Autumn book, and make pictures of everything you may remember from your walk.

          Padres, después de ver el video, salgan a caminar con su hijo (si el clima lo permite) y miren los árboles a su alrededor.

Recoge las hojas y explóralas. ¿Qué textura tienen y qué formas ves? ¿Son puntiagudos, ovalados o con curvas? Haga su propio libro de otoño y haga dibujos de todo lo que pueda recordar de su caminata.

Below are images of the trees mentioned in the story!


        Dogwood                                     Oak                                      Ash


           Maple                                         Aspen

Song: Why Do Leaves Change Color?

By: Super Simple Songs

Brown Squirrel - Squirrels & Animals Background Wallpapers on Desktop Nexus  (Image 578831)

Song: Brown Squirrel, Brown Squirrel
Brown squirrel, Brown squirrel
Swoosh your bushy tail (hold elbow in your other hand and move your arm back and forth)
Brown squirrel, brown squirrel
Swoosh your busy tail
Put a nut between your toes
Wrinkle up your little nose Brown squirrel,
Brown squirrel Swoosh your bushy tail.

Art / Writing

60 minutes

Graphics Practice

Parents, here’s the second exercise for your children to practice writing. Remember to read the short story first. Then, play the music and your child start practicing.

Padres, aquí está el segundo ejercicio para que sus hijos practiquen la escritura. Recuerde leer primero la historia corta. Luego, ponga la música y su hijo comenzará a practicar.

Pebbles or Footprints |  Piedritas o Huellas.

Private Speech: “Around, close” with each circle. | “Alrededor, cierra”

Sticks Floating on the Water |  Palos flotando en el agua

Private Speech: “Across” with each stroke.  “Cruzar” con cada trazo


These are other ideas you can to with pebbles and sticks!

Aqui mas ideas que pueden hacer con piedritas y palos!

pattern matching, problem solving | Montessori activities, Activities for  kids, Preschool activities  25 Beautiful Landscaping Ideas Adding Beach Stones to Modern Backyard  Designs | Stepping stones diy, Crafts, Easy garden 


Problem Solving

60 minutes


Educational Video:

The Five Senses

The Five Senses for Kids - Preschool Education - YouTube

After watching the video about how our five senses work, play with child, a guessing game. Have child close his/her eyes, give him/her something to touch, taste, hear, smell, and after child guesses have him/her see what it object was.

Después de ver el video sobre cómo funcionan nuestros cinco sentidos, juegue con el niño, un juego de adivinanzas. Haga que el niño cierre los ojos, dele algo para tocar, saborear, oír, oler y, después de que el niño adivine, pídale que vea de qué se trataba.

Lastly, have your child draw his/her face and label the body parts with each of the senses. TASTE, TOUCH, HEARING, SMELL and SIGHT

Por último, haga que su hijo dibuje su cara y etiquete las partes del cuerpo con cada uno de los sentidos. ¡GUSTO, ¡TACTO, OIDO, OLFATO y VISTA!

Five Senses Song | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs - ABCkidTV - YouTube

“Five Senses Song”

by Cocomelon

Movement / Play

60 minutes

FINE MOTOR SKILLS | Actividades para el Desarrollo Motor Fino

Song: Scissors Snip with Dr. Jean and Kalina

Video: Fine Motor Skills Activities

Video: Scissors Cutting Skills | Fun Cutting Activities

Ball Maze Game Collect your toilet paper rolls and create a ball maze game.

ball maze for toddlers online -