Volume 5

October 4, 2021

Teacher Juliet & Teacher Genet            126 AM Classroom

October 4 – October 8, 2021        SY 2021-2022 Fall Volume 5


Dear Neighborhood House,

Happy October!   

Did you know the 2021 General Election is less than five weeks away? Happening on Tuesday, November 2, there are many important local measures and candidates on this year’s ballot. This past Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day – a day to raise awareness about voting and registering, which is the process of signing up to vote. Learn more about how to register in Washington here and do not forget to vote if you are able to!

Early Childhood Education

Neighborhood House has been providing high quality early childhood education programs for decades and was one of the first Head Start preschool providers in the Northwest region. Today we offer a full range of early-childhood education programs for low-income families from expectant parents to those with children birth to 5 years old. We focus on providing culturally appropriate services to all enrolled families, many of whom are recent refugees and immigrants. 

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Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Monday Activities


The Little Fire Truck: Margery Cuyler: 9781338356045: Books

The Little Fire Truck

Author: Margery Cuyler

Illustrator: Bob Kolar

Read by: Stories for kids


October is Fire Prevention Month: information and tips on fire safety - The Sun Newspapers

Fire Station       fire engine         Water tank        ladder              hose

Siren        fire fighter       helmet      gloves       breathing apparatus

Art / Writing

60 minutes

Tuesday Activities

My Fire Truck!

Materials: paper, pencil, crayons

Ask your child to draw his / her fire truck and color.

* Save the drawing and show to your friends on Wednesday during our Class Socialization.

Fire Safety Song |  Pinkfong Songs for Children

Fire Safety

Math / Science

60 minutes

Wednesday Activities


I can show the number 1 in so many ways | Jack Hartman

Learn to call 911 in case of Emergency

How do you feel when there is fire? (Scared)

Whom will you call when there is a fire? (911)

We will learn 911 call, and to teach your child to dial using phone.

How to Teach Phone Numbers


Sink or float?

Sink and Float

Look for a variety of objects around the house to test that can get wet. Test if it sink or float. Record your answer in a paper.

Problem Solving

60 minutes

Thursday Activities

Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck | The Kiboomers

Virtual Field Trip

Fire Station 39 Tour featuring Lt. Amina Bakke

Seattle Fire Department

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Friday Activities

Want your child to listen better?  

This story will help your child stay safe, in less trouble and learn more. Listening and paying attention are different and mean more than do as we told.

I will introduce your child to Howard B Wigglebottom.

Watch the story with your child:

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen: Howard Binkow, Susan F.  Cornelison: 9780971539013: Books

Movement / Play

Stop Drop and Roll

With: Tommy Flames


The Stop-Drop-and-Roll drill is loved by all kids. Have a little fun with your family and demonstrate what not to do if their clothing were to catch on fire. Let everybody at home practice this drill.


Talk about why it is important to stay low if a room or hallway is full of smoke.

Use a giant piece of cloth or blanket.

Ask your kids to each grab a corner of the fabric and wave it around.

The other kids can take turn staying low and crawling under the ‘smoke’.