Volume 5

November 1, 2021

Teachers Suzanne, Mary, and Mimi
Week November 1 – 5 Learning Resource 

Message from Teachers

Hello Parents! 

As we begin November, we hope you are all doing well.  Some of the activities in this week’s Learning Resource relate to our environment outside.   You can ask your child to look for what is in their environment.  Are there pumpkins at the store or farm that your child has seen? What kinds of apples are at your local market or store?  

Hope you find the resource links helpful.  Have a wonderful week! 

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Useful Links:

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Compassionate, Be Curious, Be a Community and Be Courageous. This week we will focus on how children can Be Courageous.

We are Courageous when we:

  • Try new things for the first time
  • Ask questions
  • Make a mistake and try again
  • Share our own feelings
  • Stand up for what is right

In this week’s learning resource, you will find an activity related to this week’s expectation. Let us know how it went!

Social Emotional

Activity 1)

Click on the link below and listen to the book, “Let’s Get a Checkup”  

Then talk about how your child might feel going to the Doctor or Dentist for the first time.   Talk about how much Courage it takes when they have to get a vaccine or do something that is new or scary.   Let them draw about what they experience.

Let's Get a Checkup

Language / Literacy

Activity 2)

The link below shows a trip to pick Apples and Pumpkins.  

After you listen to the story, your child can draw what they saw in the story.  What colors and shapes did they see?   What happened next in the story?  What do they see outside that they saw in the story?

Apples and Pumpkins: Rockwell, Anne, Rockwell, Lizzy: 9781442476561: Books

Art / Writing

Activity 3)

This video below will show you all the materials you need for your child to create a colorful leaf rubbing.

3T's Tremendous Tasks for Tomorrow | Park Community Academy

Math / Science

Activity 4)  Apple Tasting Graph

Make a chart like the one below.

After you and your child have tasted apples make a smiley face under the apple you liked or a frown face under the apple you did not like.  You can try other ideas of your own like comparing colors or sizes of apples. 

Apple Graph Math Activity and Printable -