Volume 4

October 4, 2021

Teacher: Laura Martin  Fall 2021 Volume 4

WEEK:  October 4, 2021

Hello Parents,

I am enjoying this time of us getting to know each other!  Our class is still growing with some being added just this week, so if we have not spoken yet, I will be calling you soon. 

Please be aware that well child checks, dental visits and immunization records need to be current for each student before that student can attend in-person learning.   If you have questions about that please contact me so we can discuss it together.

We do not yet have a date set for a return to in-person learning but our administration and many others are working hard to make sure the building and all of our procedures are ready for a safe return to the classroom.  I will keep you posted as we get more information.

OUR CLASS SESSION THIS WEEK WILL BE 11:00 – 11:30 ON THURSDAY OCTOBER 14. Watch your email for the Teams link Thursday morning!

I look forward to visiting with you this week!

Teacher Laura (206) 403-3941

Language / Literacy

30 minutes

Let’s go on a leaf hunt!  Read this story and join in the fun!

GOING ON A LEAF HUNT by Steve Metzger

We're Going on a Leaf Hunt: Steve Metzger, Miki Sakamoto: 8601420451193: Books

Do the three bears go into the spooky old tree?  Yes they do!  Read about it by clicking the link:


By Jan Berenstain The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree (Big Bright &  Early Board Book): 9780385392631: Berenstain, Stan, Berenstain, Jan: Books

Art / Writing

30 minutes

WRITE       IT        

Do you know how to hold your pencil the correct way?

Watch this video to learn and practice. 

Let’s practice writing the letter T.   T is the sound at the beginning of these words:

turtle      truck       toes     top     toys                                                                    

Math / Science

30 minutes

SCIENCE: Water and Oil Experiment

Parents help your child with this simple and fun experiment that helps us see how water and oil act together. You will need:

  • a glass container
  • a second small container to mix the oil and food coloring
  • water, oil and food coloring
  • a spoon for stirring

Social Emotional

15 minutes

BEAR’S NEW FRIEND by Karma Wilson

Would you like to meet a new friend? In our class we have 17 children now and there are new friends waiting to meet you!

Here is a story about Bear and his new friend!  Can you guess who his new friend is?   

Bear's New Friend (The Bear Books): Wilson, Karma, Chapman, Jane:  9781416954385: Books

Movement / Play

20 minutes


Try a family game of HIDE and SEEK.  This is a great game indoors or out.  One person covers their eyes and counts while the others hide.

CHANGE IT UP:  The one covering her eyes doesn’t have to only count numbers!  Other ideas are:

  1. Sing the ABC song two times (with eyes closed)
  2. Clap their hands ___ times. 50? 30? 20? (with eyes closed)
  3. Do 50 jumping jacks (eyes open for safety, turn back to other players)