Volume 4

October 18, 2021



-Teachers will work on some more AM training and planning soon so I will do am classes as my time allows – this week looks great!  Let me know if you would like to do pm classes if I am busy in the am J

-Please MAKE DR and DENTIST appointments and send those in.  Are your shots up to date?  Call your DR regularly if they can’t schedule now so you are ready to join in-person when a date is announced.

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours of HL weekly: Here is a sample daily schedule for guiding your children to do movement/educational play alone or with siblings/educational play with you –

“Playing with conversation”: When you sit with your child just watching them play, you can talk with them about their toys and help them practice vocabulary including colors, numbers, sizes, etc.

For example ask: “which car do you think is the fastest?”

“Will the brown bear get some pretend food after the tan bear?”

“What does that toys’ noise remind you of?  I think I heard that sound somewhere else before…”

Social Emotional

Talking about feelings: how did the owl babies/owlets feel when they were alone?  Owl babies book video:

SKILLS: conversation about feelings

Owl Babies 🦉 | Read Aloud - YouTube

Art / Writing


Frog on a Log (Rhyming words)

Waiting with Elephant and Piggie – waiting is not easy…

A Bear Ate My Sandwich:



Buy your child/children each a cheap spiral notebook journal at the store/or a hole punch and a 3 hole folder with metal prongs to make a writing journal – after classes they can write or draw what we did in class/what they liked in the story/what they will now play at home.

This teaches them to plan ahead and reflect/think about the past too – they are learning self-help and mental processing skills to retain info!!!



5 little pumpkins song – can your child draw the number of pumpkins?

Five Little Pumpkins | Pumpkin Song | Super Simple Songs - YouTube

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice/writing letters to identify pictures =labeling



Make a pumpkin face with circle, square, triangles, and a half circle!

You can cut the shapes out and invite your child to glue, tape, or paste on with paint underneath, or you can support them to draw like I did.

SKILLS: motor skill of drawing, conversation skills, vocabulary PLUS # or letter recognition.

Math / Science

MATH: Play # I-spy: look for things that come in groups of 3/4/0r 5 – the same number as their age: where are there 3 of something in your house?

3 cars?

3 hair scrunchies?

3 crackers?

It's Fall!

SCIENCE:  It’s fall!

Problem Solving


THINKING GAME: Practice vocabulary and listening with COLORING BOOKS: While your child is coloring, give directions for each page. For instance, “color the hat red” will encourage your child to identify the object and color while following 2-step directions. 

SKILLS: listening & taking turns, and following directions

Movement / Play


Going on a Bear Hunt Yoga & Act out the Alphabet 

SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise including balance activities