Volume 34

July 26, 2021

Teachers: Martha Dominguez and Mamata Das | Remote Learning Summer School

SUMMER 2021 Vol. 34 | Week of 07/26-30/2021

Best Starts for Kids

Toilet Training

Camping Guide

Wildfire smoke preparedness – King County

El humo de los incendios puede ser peligroso para todos – King County

Edades y Etapas – Destrezas con las manos y los dedos de su niño de edad preescolar

Social Emotional

60 minutes

In the story, Gerald has a big decision to make. But will he make it on time?

Should I Share my Ice Cream?

Should I Share My Ice Cream? (An Elephant and Piggie Book): Willems, Mo,  Willems, Mo: 9781423143437: Books

Activity: Pass the Ice Cream |Sharing Practice for Preschoolers. Make big paper cones, like in the picture and with small plastic balls play pass the ice cream scoop (ball) like in the HOT POTATO game.

Actividad: Pasa el Helado| Practica a compartir 

Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Story: The Little Ice Cream Truck

I hope you enjoy this great rhyming book and find out if your child can read logos such as  Mc Donald’s, Target, Walmart and so on. The Little Ice Cream Truck (Little Vehicles, 4)  (9781627798068): Cuyler, Margery, Kolar, Bob: Books

Teacher Juliet’s Visits an Ice Cream Shop


Was your child able to identify which ice cream shop the teacher visited?

Art / Writing

Video: How to Make a Flip Flop Book for Kids by Ryan’s World

How To Make A Flip Book For Kids!!! - YouTube

Ice Cream Song

The Ice Cream Song | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs - YouTube

I is for Ice Cream

Graphics Practice: Uppercase Letter. Down, across, across. Lowercase: Down, dot.

Ice cream cones made out of toilet paper roll, and tissue paper.

Helados de conos hechos con tubo del papel de rollo y papel de china con diversos colores.

Ice Cone construction Brown paper for the cone and White tissue paper or coffee filter. Red paper heart.

Raspado hechos con papel cartulina y papel de china blanco, o con un filtro de café.

Math / Science

60 minutes

Book: Graphing Story Problems

Graphing Story Problems (21st Century Basic Skills Library: Let's Make  Graphs): Edgar, Sherra G: 9781624313912: Books

After reading the book about graphing, try to do your own graph with your child. What is your family’s favorite ice cream flavor?. Use a poster like in the picture or you can make it with bars as showen in the book. Guess which flavor is going to be the most or the least favorite.

Then, watch the video about how to make edible ice cream slime in the link below.

Despues de leer el libro acerca de la grafica, trate de hacer una grafica con su nino. Cual es el sabor preferido de su familia? Use el poster de la foto como ejemplo o use la grafica con barras como la del libro. Calcule cual sabor es el que va a gustar mas y menos en su familia.

Despues vea la actividad de como hacer helado limo comestible.

Video: How to make Edible Ice Cream Slime

DIY Edible Slime Candy! How To Make Edible ICE CREAM SLIME! - YouTube

Problem Solving

Friday Problem Solving

Susie’s Song | Charts | Sid the Science Kid by the Jim Henson Company

Parents, please help your child solve the problem, and try to use objects and make groups to be able to get the answer. Give your child time to think about it. If your child gets frustrated stop working on the activity right away. Come back to the activity when your child is ready to continue.

Padres de familia por favor ayuden a su niño a resolver este problema, y traten de usar objetos y hacer grupos para que pueda obtener la respuesta. Dele tiempo para que vea, analice y examine el problema. Si el niño se enfada deje de hacer la actividad enseguida, y reanude cuando el niño esté listo para continuar.

Movement / Play

Baby Shark Workout | 10 Minute Exercise

Be the Pond | Cosmic Kids Zen Den – Mindfulness for Kids

Mario’s Video Game Workout! Virtula Gym Class | Bobo PE

10 Team Building | Outdoor // Indoor Games