Volume 33

July 19, 2021

Teacher Juliet, Teacher Genet, Teacher Mahi, Teacher Meskerem

Healthy Home

Most people spend a large part of every day in their house; whether it is a single family home, apartment, mobile home, or any other type of housing. Many factors influence the health and safety of that house.

Asthma, Allergens and Irritants

Contaminants in Your Home

Drinking Water

Food Safety

Household Product Safety

On-site Sewage Systems (septic tanks)

Pests – Bed Bugs, Ticks, Rodents, etc.

Smoke-free Housing

Unintentional Injuries

More Resources

A Healthy Home Brochure (“A Healthy House, Happy Home”)

Movement / Play

Toddlers Corner By:

Fun Summer Activities: Ice Play

Ice cube color mixing:

Before the activity, add a few drops of food coloring to water and freeze into ice blocks.

Place each of the color combinations pictured below into some glasses, and watch the magic happen.

What a wonderful way to teach young children the primary and secondary colors!

Place the colored ice blocks into a sealed zip lock bag (this makes this activity work for younger children too).

As the ice melts, talk about what happens to each of the colors.

Ice excavation:

Tapping away at a huge frozen ice block to find treasure! This is easy to prepare – simply, place some objects in a large tub with water and leave it to freeze for a few hours. Add a collection of play tools (or small, blunt real tools) to get them started. The excavation gets easier as the ice melts.

Language / Literacy

60 minutes

Opposite are something that are completely different at each other in a particular way.

Let Us Find Opposites at the Park!

Vocabulary Words:

FAR    –       NEAR

FAST    –        SLOW

SHORT    –     TALL

SINK    –        FLOAT

YES    –          NO

TOP    –         BOTTOM

UP    –           DOWN

LOW    –        HIGH

DIRTY    –     CLEAN

OPEN    –       SHUT

LEFT    –        RIGHT

ON    –           OFF

IN    –            OUT

PUSH    –       PULL

OVER    –       UNDER

SMALL    –     BIG


HOT –     COLD

INSIDE –   OUTSIDE         


By: Story Line Online

When a Dragon Moves In

When a Dragon Moves In: Moore, Jodi, McWilliam, Howard: 9780979974670: Books

Written by:  Jodi Moore

Illustrated by:  Howard McWilliam

Read by:  Mark Duplas

If you build a perfect sandcastle, a dragon will move in. That is exactly what happens to one lucky boy at the beach.

Is there really a dragon running around on the beach or just an imagination?

When A Dragon Moves In

Art / Writing

60 minutes

Rock Your Body to the Colors | Jack Hartmann

Let us face our Leaf face!

Materials: leaves, flowers twigs, scissor, glue, paper, pencil.

Create an amazing faces using nature materials from the park.

This week’s focus is all about Park since it is summer and as a Family, we go at the park and have a barbeque.

Let us draw a Barbeque Grill!

How to Draw A BBQ Grill

By: Arts for Kids Hub

Materials, paper, pencil, and crayons

Math / Science

60 minutes

I Can Show Numbers in So Many Ways | Jack Hartmann

Measuring Trees with Measuring Tape

Bring a measuring tape while walking or playing at the park and measure tress.

Write down the measurement number of every tress in a paper.

Science Activity

Discovery Bottle

Materials: empty plastic bottle, and natural objects from the park.


Walk or play at the park, collect some natural objects. Use the empty plastic bottle to display the object.

While at the park, gather up different objects, and hold races to see which ones make it down the slide first.

Problem Solving

60 minutes

Creative problem solving For Kids By: Encourage play

Paper straw                   cotton balls                         yarn                      sticky notes

Paper cups                             clothespins                        white or any color cord

Tape any color                   Popsicle stick                   paper clips


Using these 10 materials, solve the following problems. You do not have to use all the materials to solve the problem, but they are all available for you:

* Make a device to move a stuffed animal from one room to another without touching the ground

* Devise a slide for mini figures

* Make a leprechaun trap

* Create a jump ramp for cars

* Using at least 4 supplies, build the highest tower you can

* Make up your own game – make sure you remember to make rules for how to score and win.

* Make a device for two people to communicate to one another

* Using at least 3 supplies, make a device that can roll 3 feet

* Build a house for a small figure

* Make an invention that a kid would love

Social Emotional

60 minutes

Exactly You! – The Shape of Your Feelings

Exactly You! The Shape of Your Feelings: Krajewski, Sarah, Krajewski,  Sarah: 9781645381846: Books

By: Sarah Krajewski

Read by: Mrs. J

After Listening to the story, ask your child to share his/her feeling through colors. Provide him/her a paint or crayons and a paper to create a beautiful masterpiece or arts through following what his/ her heart felt.

Discuss to your child what he/she created and label the drawing. Making playful abstract drawing is a great way to enhance social and emotional learning skills of the child.

Movement / Play

60 minutes

Suggested Summer Fun Activity for the Family weather at the park of on your backyard.

Build an obstacle course

Construct an obstacle course with hula-hoops, jump ropes, sticks, stones, hoses, and other materials from around the house. Your kids can take turns completing it-and the person with the fastest time wins a prize!


No campground? No problem! Pitch a tent in the backyard and spend the night underneath the stars. This free summer activity has one major benefit over normal camping: There is a working toilet merely feet away!

Plan a Bike Ride

Encourage your kids to decorate their rides with streamers, stickers, flags, and more-then let them cruise around the neighborhood or park to show off their creation.

Paint Outside

When painting outside, there is no need to worry about making a mess.

Just use washable paint and the medium of your choice, whether it is construction paper, cardboard, or blocks. You can also create outdoor artwork with sidewalk chalk.