Volume 31

July 12, 2021



Head Start classes are continuing in the summer as regularly scheduled until the end of July/start of August when Teacher Rebecca will take some time off.

OPTION B classes with T. Rebecca:

NEXT Week 7/12-16: bring a ball/beanbag & a box or a basket to class every day.  We will do moving exercises/games

Week 7/19-23: bring a tray of sand/dirt every day and a small Tupperware of water on Wed: we will feel, observe, and write our letters on our tray

Week 7/26-30: CLASS ONLY THURS & FRI 10:30-11 while T. Rebecca on vacation: I will do Home Visits on Thurs and Fri before and after class

Week 8/2-8/6: NO CLASS Mon-Wed/Teacher Rebecca on vacation 

Thanks for sending us your absences from classes ahead of time if possible so we can start class and activities without lingering to wait for you.

At the Option B parent meeting, we talked about things we like to do in the summer: here is a link for free activities

-Get a free museum pass from Seattle Public library

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours of home learning a week.

Social Emotional

Breathing makes it better book:

Breathing Makes It Better: A Book for Sad Days, Mad Days, Glad Days, and  All the Feelings In-Between: Willard, Christopher, O'Leary, Wendy:  9781611804690: Books

SKILLS: conversation about feelings and vocabulary and practicing relaxation/self-regulation skills.

Language / Literacy


Nature spy book video: watch this read aloud!

Nature Spy - SchoolTube - Safe video sharing and management for K12

Watch teacher Rebecca finally read the story A Little House Of Your Own, which is a book she had when she was three!

A Little House of Your Own | Damian Cugley | Flickr

WRITING PRACTICE: Have your children illustrate a favorite recipe with pictures and words or just letters for little kids. Are you making cupcakes for a party? They can draw the instructions before you begin! You will probably need oil, eggs, water. They can draw those ingredients and help you count the amounts!

Let’s build a rocket ship song:

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice

Art / Writing

Try drawing with crayons and painting over it with watercolor

First read a book:

Pete the cat and crayons:

SKILLS: motor skill of drawing, conversation skills, vocabulary PLUS # or letter recognition.

Math / Science

MATH: This week in class we rolled snakes to make the half circle sections of a lion’s hair/“mane”. You can help your child smash a circle, roll two dots for eyes, roll four small snakes for the nose, and 7-10 medium snakes for the half circles of the Lion’s hair

SCIENCE: do you see trees? How big are the trees by your house? Can you put your hand around it or both arms around it?  For option B group science on Wednesday please go hug a tree and tell me how big and tall it is!

SKILLS: conversation, counting, observation and recalling details

Problem Solving

THINKING GAME: At the Option B parent meeting we talked a lot about thinking games. Thinking games can be fun things to do while you’re waiting, traveling, sitting around in a group…

-You can show your child a few different pictures and give them clues so they can guess which picture you’re showing them from a magazine or a book…

-You can show them three animals and hide one and see if they can tell you which one is missing?

-You can play concentration by cutting up a paper into rectangles and having your child draw colors, shapes, or number dots, or ABCs to match. Draw a big circles and your child can help you color ones to match yours. You draw a red one, they draw a red one! You make a letter a, they make a letter a. When you make five sets of cards you can start playing concentration:

  • Turn over two cards at a time & if they match the person who turned them over gets to keep them! Then they can take another turn.
  • If they don’t match turn them over and try and remember white is there. You can say the words aloud while you’re looking at them and then turn them over. “Red circle up, blue circle down“
  • Choose two new cards and see if you can find more matches. In your next turn, do you remember where that other color might be?

SKILLS: describing things out loud & listening & taking turns, and recalling. 

Movement / Play

Fun Backyard Games:

SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise and conversation and recall