Volume 30

July 5, 2021


Head Start classes are continuing in the summer as regularly scheduled until the end of July/start of August when Teacher Rebecca will take some time off.


-No school Monday the 5th/ Fourth of July school holiday

-Parent meeting Tuesday 7/6 4:00-4:45

We are working on building this week: save your old yogurt containers/toilet paper and paper towel tube/small boxes to use in building too.

Letters/Writing Exploration Part 2: Last week we finished writing/painting/making with Play-Doh the entire alphabet! In the first part of the year we were practicing being friends, singing songs, learning how to screen share and do hands-on activities. We focused a lot on the alphabet in the late winter until now.

This week we start the alphabet over! We will move our bodies like the letters; we will write them in the air, we will be creative in learning the alphabet and words that belong to those letters!

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours of home learning a week.

Social Emotional

Help your kids earn a badge for social-emotional & academic skills! This summer we will be working on kids identifying ways that they are “creative, a good friend, a good listener, trying something tricky, a storyteller/reader, and cheer their successes at getting better at drawing/writing.

It’s kind of like Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts where kids earn badges.

-This week the children will tell me which goals they want to learn

-each time I catch them or they catch themselves doing a good job we will give them cheers and write down the details.

– At the end of the summer they will have a book of achievements!

At home you can tell them when they are doing a good job in these areas too!

Here’s a book to read about feelings:

SKILLS: conversation about feelings, vocabulary: affirming children’s sense of pride

How Do I Feel Today?

Language / Literacy


Pig picnic book

Google read books in other languages with the push of a button in your browser. Here are some of their books:

A house for me:

A House for Me

Puppies at the park:

Puppies at the Park


Don’t just write on paper!

Write in the sand or the dirt with a stick 🙂

Write in the wood chips at the park using your foot.

Can you take pieces of grass or leaves and make the letters on the sidewalk? Write with chalk!


How’s The Weather Today?: listening to/singing this will help your child get ready to share the weather in our daily calendar time!

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice

Kids who don’t like writing might have more fun with these activities.

How's The Weather? | ft. the Super Simple Puppets | Super Simple Songs -  YouTube

Art / Writing


Tape a bunch of paper grocery bags together and draw dots on them. You and/or your children can do some alphabet letters in order such as A to K or 1-10 and then have your children try to connect the dots in the order that they go. What does the picture look like?

Have your children sing the alphabet song to help them remember which letter comes next if you’re using ABC’s or maybe seeing the one to 3,4,5 fish song to help them remember which number comes next: have fun!

SKILLS: motor skill of drawing, conversation skills, vocabulary PLUS # or letter recognition.

Math / Science


This summer we will be talking about how many numbers, make up different groups. Kids might be able to count in a line but we are also going to talk about what if two friends are playing and two more friends come? How many are there all together? We will make puzzles and drawings about groups of numbers.

-When you are trying to order pizza ask your kid how many people they are and count how many pieces everyone might eat. Maybe two pieces for kids: 2+2+2+2……

Practice building for our games this week! How tall is your block or Lego tower? Can you make a tall, tall building like the ones downtown? How tall can you build before it all falls down? Count the blocks!


HAVE YOU SEEN TREES?   We have a new mystery game for summer: Every Wednesday this summer we will be wondering about trees. What do you see on the trees by your house? Every Tuesday get ready to look at the trees and tell us more about it…

Watch teacher Rebecca read a book about bees Password =NH

SKILLS: conversation, counting, observation and recalling details

Problem Solving


Do you have to wait in line somewhere? Stuck in traffic? Play any kind of thinking game with your kids and the time will pass! Think about three of their favorite TV shows in your head and tell them: I’m thinking about a TV show that has a cat and a car… See if they can ask your questions to guess which show you’re thinking of?

SKILLS: describing things aloud & listening & taking turns, and recalling. 

Movement / Play

Stop and Go with Patty Shukla

Can you move fast like trains and cheetahs?

SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise and conversation and recall