Volume 30

August 30, 2021


  1. Please check mail box for laptop return envelope.
  2. All videos have a password please refer to the text message or email.

Movement / Play

Movement: Practice walking across a line, beam or sandbox edge forward and backward. (15 minutes/ daily)

Language / Literacy


  1. Rhyming activity
    1. Using the photo below identify the first photo, then figure put which of the next two items sound the same as the first.
      1. Ex. Item 1= van, Item 2 = pan or Item 4 – tap
        1. Does item 1 rhyme with item 2 or 3

  1. Practice rhyming:
    1. Discuss- words that sound the same; rhyme
    2. Video –
    3. Read Aloud –

Math / Science


  1. Review numbers 1-20
    1. Songs
    2. Before and After activity

(10 minutes 3 times a week)

Art / Writing


  1. Uppercase and Lowercase letters


Social Emotional

Social Emotional: Every morning tell your child how you are feeling and the reason why you feel that way. Then have you child state how they are feeling and why.

Problem Solving

Challenge of the Week:

Make a tall tower using items in your house (boxes, recycle or pillows)

(15 minutes/ daily)