Volume 3

September 20, 2021

Teacher: Laura Martin  Fall 2021 Volume 3

WEEK: September 20, 2021

Hello Parents,

I’m thinking about your children this morning and want you to know that I feel very honored to have the opportunity to partner with you, their first teacher, in helping them grow and learn. 

I look forward to visiting with you this week!

Teacher Laura (206) 403-3941

Language / Literacy

15 minutes

Visit Pete the Cat on his FALL adventures!

PETE the CAT: FALLING FOR AUTUMN by Kimberly and James Dean

Pete the Cat Falling for Autumn: Dean, James, Dean, Kimberly, Dean, James:  9780062868480: Books

Art / Writing

30 minutes


Watch this video to see our friends at KidsDraw4Fun draw circles.

Now get paper and crayons and practice your own circles.  Parents: Help your child start at the top and as you make the circle say “around and close” as you bring the crayon back up to the top and close the circle.

Problem Solving

15 minutes

Gather a pile of 20 dried beans or small rocks. Practice counting and making groups.

Count all the beans. Parents help your child go slowly and say one number for each bean.

(If she/he is ready)  Can you make groups with 3 beans in each group? How many groups of 3 beans did you make?

Social Emotional

20 minutes

Who are you thankful for?

What things are you thankful for?

Draw a picture of all you are thankful for and bring it to share with the class.

Movement / Play

20 minutes

BE A HELPER!  Ask mom if you can help sweep the kitchen floor or wash some dishes. Maybe you can pick up toys or help clear the table after a meal.

Parents:  this is the perfect stage in your child’s development to help them build the habit of helping; having small responsibilities each day so they can experience the sense of accomplishment as well as the joy of helping others!