Volume 2

September 27, 2021

Sept. 27-Oct.1, 2021 NEWS TEACHERS REBECCA


-I will keep doing 10:00-10:45 am classes except when I have a training and then I will let you know the week or a few days before what other time I can meet.

Mon: Movement and singing (plus reading/drawing)

Tues: Toothbrushing and block building (plus reading/drawing your building if desired)

Wed: Bring a toy to share/drawing materials (&guessing games &reading)

Thurs: Playdough/drawing about counting (plus reading)

Fri: bring a book to share and drawing materials – we will do storytelling and pretend moving games!

Neighborhood House Head Start is Enrolling!

  • We are recruiting new HS/EHS families!
  • Do you have a sibling who might be eligible?
  • Do you know another family who has a child who might be eligible?
  • Are you connected to a community group that we should connect with to tell them about our programs?

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours of HL weekly

Social Emotional

Watch this safe YouTube video of Little Tiger Picks Up and ask your child what else they would like to do to help around the house?

Also Glad Monster, Sad Monster book safe link:

Skills: conversation about feelings

Language / Literacy

All these links are SAFE with no commercials and JUST the specific video visible

BOOKS ONLINE: Elmer the Elephant Book – Elmer learns how to be himself

If You Give A Dog a Donut:

Art / Writing


Play an“iSpy game” with a book that has a medium amount of words. Can your children find words that start with the first letter of their name? Maybe bigger kids can write them down. You can make little word cards for your kids to remember what those words are and have them write a picture.

SINGING:  The Color Moving Song:

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Vocabulary/conversation practice/writing letters to identify pictures =labeling


In our actual physical classrooms we play a game called “graphics practice“. To keep your children busy and practice letter strokes have them use some of their letter strokes to make a place for their toy animals to play.

SKILLS: motor skill of painting, conversation skills, vocabulary

Math / Science

MATH: Draw or make playdoh shapes in a number line: first write the numbers in a line down a paper with dots next to them representing how many things to make, then have your children draw the correct number of shapes/creatures/things underneath the 3/dot

1 .




Last week some of us read a book about dinosaurs: grown-ups can make a surprise for kids of tiny dinosaur toys frozen in balloons. Only grown-ups should do the taking the balloon off the frozen egg preparation, as they are a choking hazard.

Put the frozen eggs on a tray with some sticks or rocks or grass and let the kids explore and experiment.

Skills: making an educated guess/hypothesis of what that will happen, observing change, vocabulary practice

SKILLS: conversation, counting, observation and recalling details

Problem Solving

THINKING GAME: Animal Guessing game: safe video link with drawing pictures to guess before the time runs out

SKILLS: describing things out loud & listening & taking turns, and recalling. 

Movement / Play


Miss Linky’s Dinosaur Exercise/No music but w/animal sounds:

Bear Hunt Moving Book Read By Author: can you follow the family and do what they do? 

Dinosaur Stomp Moving Opportunity – Listen to this book read aloud while standing, and encourage your children to move like each dino as they listen 

SKILLS: muscle practice & exercise and conversation and recall