Volume 3

October 11, 2021

Toddler Class 114A – Teacher Devyn

Newsletter – Week of October 11, 2021                          Volume 3                                                                                                                    


Happy Monday everyone! Here is some general information:

Vaccine Verification

Please remember that starting Monday, October 25, proof of COVID vaccination will be required in King County for everyone ages 12+ at restaurants and bars, indoor recreational events or establishments, and outdoor events with 500 people or more. Read more about the order here, including translations in 17 languages.

Flu Shots

Flu season is here – to help prevent catching the seasonal flu, don’t forget to get your flu vaccine. The CDC recommends the flu vaccine for everyone over 6 months of age. Children under 2, adults 65 and over, and people with chronic conditions are at a higher risk of developing complications from the flu. Learn more about the flu here.

Rent Assistance

As a reminder, the Washington state eviction moratorium bridge expires at the end of this month – communities who need assistance with paying rent or anticipate not being able to pay rent should apply now to ensure they are protected, even if applications may not be processed before October 31. Information and applications are available in 28 languages.

Please note that Seattle has extended the moratorium in its city limits only through January 15, 2022.

There is financial assistance available for childcare costs
for people who live or work
in King County! Apply online
  OR by calling:
Child Care Aware of
Washington Family Center 


Social Emotional

As you help your child get dressed each day,
explain what you are doing. For example:
“I am taking your dirty shirt off now, and putting
it in the laundry basket. Now please lift up your
arms, I am putting a new shirt on you.” If your
child is starting to dress and undress themselves,
encourage them to do so and narrate what
they are doing!

Math / Science

Clean up song:

Oh, now it’s time to clean up.
Let’s clean up, let’s clean up.
Oh, now it’s time to clean up.
Please come and join me.

Oh, let’s pick up the [blocks] now,
The [blocks] now, the [blocks] now.
Oh, let’s pick up the [blocks] now.
Please come and join me.

(Replace “blocks” with whatever
needs to be cleaned up)

Math / Science

Your child can help you get ready for meal times
and you can make it a counting activity!
Before eating, ask your child to help you set the
table. Show them where to put dishes, utensils,
and anything else you need, and count out how
many of each are needed! Ask: “We have five
people in our family, so how many plates
should we take out of the cabinet?”

Problem Solving

Hide and seek with toys!

Hide a toy in a room and let them look!

Start with easy spots, then choose
harder ones as they get better
at the game!

Movement / Play

Make a tunnel and have fun crawling through it! Try using chairs, blankets, pillows, cardboard boxes, and anything else. Make it as long or as short as you want!

Art / Writing


While you are eating dinner, point out

all the different colors you see in the meal.

After you eat, get out some crayons,

markers, colored pencils, paint, or even

play dough and sit down to make some

art together! Invite your child to draw a

picture of their food and talk about what

other things are those colors.