Volume 4

October 18, 2021

Toddler Class 114A – Teacher Devyn

Newsletter – Week of October 18, 2021                                                                                                            


  • This month is Filipino-American heritage month!
  • We are still enrolling for our preschool and toddler programs! If you have friends or family who live or work in Seattle or South King County, please ask them if they are interested!
  • We are hiring teachers! If you or someone you know is interested in working at Neighborhood House, apply online at
    and if you need help let me know.

There is financial assistance available for childcare costs
for people who live or work
in King County! Apply online
  OR by calling:
Child Care Aware of
Washington Family Center 


The “Fresh Bucks” Seattle fruit and vegetable lottery program is open for applications now!
Until October 29, you can apply for a chance to get funds to spend on fruits and vegetables at some stores. You must live in Seattle to qualify.
Apply online:
Apply over the phone: 1-800-756-5437

Social Emotional

Try some pretend play this week!
Toddlers love to pretend. Use child size
dishes and utensils and empty, clean
food containers to make a pretend restaurant
or even a grocery store! Some great options are
granola bar boxes, yogurt containers, water
or other drink bottles, etc. Pretend to be
a cook, or a waiter!

Language / Literacy

Talk about food labels! While you are doing

the pretend restaurant activity, when you

are cooking, or when you are at the
grocery store or food bank, show cans and
containers to your child and ask what they
think is inside. Point out the different words
and pictures! They will learn about labeling
and develop associations.

Math / Science

Your child can help you get ready for meal times
and you can make it a counting activity!
Before eating, ask your child to help you set the
table. Show them where to put dishes, utensils,
and anything else you need, and count out how
many of each are needed! Ask: “We have five
people in our family, so how many plates
should we take out of the cabinet?” Try
this while playing pretend restaurant too!

Problem Solving

Practice scooping and pouring water! While your
child is taking a bath, give them measuring cups
or other similar scoops and encourage
them to practice filling and dumping
them. If you do not want to do this in the
bath, another option is to fill a bin or bowl
with water in the kitchen or outside!

Movement / Play

Work on climbing! Climbing is an important motion for toddlers to develop their arm strength and range of motion. Younger children can practice climbing onto a tall chair, couch, stool, etc. If your child has mastered this, go to a park and climb on the equipment! Just be sure to watch them closely!

Art / Writing

If you have glue at home, try making a
collage! You can use any kind of paper
materials you have around. Your child can
tear up colored paper, newspaper,
magazines, or catalogs to glue pictures onto
another piece of paper. You can also use
scraps of cloth! If you do not have glue,
you can also use tape!