Volume 29

August 23, 2021

Teacher Diane and Malika   

Learning Resources Volume 29

Summer Learning for August 23- 31, 2021    

TIPS    (Preparing now for In Person Learning)

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We Wear Mask

Movement / Play

Language / Literacy

Beginning letter and sound objects

Try this activity with family member’s names.


A is for                         R is for                                  K is for 

S is for                               G is for                         N is for     

M is for                                   T is for    


Book- Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready For Kindergarten

Looking/listening to a story together- encourage your child to retell the story by asking what happen first, then what happen, and what happen last.

Book- Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten

Mystery Rhyme       (ending sound)         

Listening for rhyming words while reading together.

Looking through the food ads, finding items that begins with the letters in your name.

Try this  activity with family member’s names.

Math / Science

Making a design with a unique set of shapes

Pattern Collage



  • Help your child practice making a pattern on the table or floor using color crayons and pennies… crayon penny, crayon penny,   crayon penny  (ask- what comes next?)

Art / Writing


  • Create a uniqueness design by using the letters in your name.
    • Make a design using other family member’s name

Social Emotional

Setup a station with several choices.

Ask your child to choose one activity.

Observe to see if your child can stay engaged for 20 – 30 minutes before starting another activity.


drawing with colored pencils        

Paper, scissors and glue                   

Why Do People Wear Masks?

  • Ask your child to talk about the video


Game/learning empathy by helping others

  • Ask your child to talk about the video


Problem Solving

Game/Tree House Trouble and Push Pull Puzzles

Go outside and have some fun!  Fall is right around the corner and then there is winter.