Volume 28

July 29, 2021

Teacher Diane and Malika   

Learning Resources Volume 28    


Virtual Rules   

  • Join 5 minutes before the Session starts   
  • Unmute the mic, turn on the camera   
  • Encourage the child to talk and sing   
  • Have materials close by   



Individualizations o learning experiences that will gently challenge- but not frustrate your child.     


• Children see other children • Sing songs and play games

Movement / Play



w/Teacher Keke (Dance, Freeze, Melt)


  • Your child need to be standing up

Language / Literacy

Beginning letter and sound objects

*Try this activity with family member’s names.

A is for  

R is for 

K is for

S is for   

G is for   

N is for     

M is for   

T is for    

Book- Pete the Cat Goes Camping

Looking/listening to a story together- encourage child to talk, by asking the questions you heard during Story Lab

Mystery Rhyme     (ending sound)  




Story Time                                      The Camping Trip                                   (Learning Facts)   

Share the News

Learning to think aloud. 

Looking through the food ads, finding items that begins with the letters in your name.

Try this  activity with family member’s names.


Math / Science

Making a design with a unique set of shapes

I Have Who Has Numerals (11-20)

Art / Writing


Let’s Pretend Camping

Making a tent with sheets and chairs         Making a tent with sheets and sticks

Making a sleeping bag out of a blanket

Making binoculars out of paper towel rolls


Social Emotional

Setup a station with several choices.

Ask your child to choose one activity.

Observe to see if your child can stay engaged for 15- 20 minutes before starting another activity.



drawing with colored pencils              


*Create a uniqueness design by using the letters in your name.

Paper, scissors and glue                     


play dough with scissors                

Sammy/I’m Glad I’m Me



Problem Solving

Floor Puzzle- turning chaos into order



Tangram shapes with picture cards
give your child a set of tangram (7 pieces)

A picture card with or without the outline- observe while they turn chaos into order