Volume 27

June 14, 2021

Learning Resource for Week 37: June 14 – June 18

Message from Teacher Anna, Teacher Selena, & Teacher Mimi:

Hi Families!

One of the resources we talked about at the parent center meeting is the Emergency Benefit Broadband Program. A new internet bill assistance program allows people to apply for $50 off their monthly internet bill as part of an emergency government program to keep people connected during the pandemic. To see eligibility requirements and apply visit

Our four program-wide expectations are Be Courageous, Be Curious, Be Compassionate, Be A Community. This week we will focus on how children can be curious.

We are compassionate when we:

  • Offer to help someone
  • Cheer someone up
  • Support others
  • Listen to how others are feeling
  • Listen to different ideas

Social Emotional


Be Compassionate –

This week we will focus on how to support your child on how to “be compassionate”. I found a book called We’re All Wonders and in this book, readers are reminded that we can choose to be kind to one another rather than cruel. The main character Auggie is born with a facial deformity, he knows that he looks different from other children but is hopeful that others will see past his differences and appreciate all the other things that make him unique. This is a powerful story of accepting others for who they really are and not judging them based on how they look. After reading the book a few topics you can discuss with your child are:

  • Discuss the meaning of unique. Why does Auggie’s mother think that he’s unique?
  • Talk about how it feels when other people are mean and how that might make Auggie feel. Talk about what you could have done differently if you were there in the story and how you would support Auggie when he is sad.
  • Discuss the meaning of wonder. Explain why Auggie’s mother calls him a wonder. What is the first hint that other people don’t see Auggie the way his mother sees him?
  • Explain what Auggie means when he says, “People just need to change the way they see.” At the end of the story, Tadeo offers Auggie a ball. How is this a gesture of friendship? Discuss how Tadeo changes the way he sees.

Here is the video link:

Movement / Play


Rhythm Stick Song Video – Here is a video of Teacher Anna doing a rhythm song that we love to do in class. For this activity, help your child find two stick-like objects (chopsticks, pencils, markers, spoons, cooking utensils, anything would work really). Play the video and encourage your child to make up their own rhythm when the video is over. Here is the link:


Problem Solving


Scavenger Hunt at Home – Create a scavenger hunt with your family. Hide things around your house, then write clues to help them search. You can have your child find items they want you to hide (ball, stuffed animal, blocks, ect.) and you can hide them while your child is not looking. Once they are hidden you can give a clue like “it is in the place you take a nap.” (on the bed). To take it a step farther you can have your child create a map of your house and you can point to the area the toy is hidden in.

Art / Writing


Tally Car Colors – A simple game you can play with your child at home is to look out the window and count the different color cars that pass by. Help your child observe the cars that pass by your home for a period of time. Tally the color of each car on a simple chart. After a few minutes look at each section and count the number of cars in each color. Talk about which color has the most number of cars and which has the least number of cars. Make a guess of what color the next car will be.

Math / Science


Sorting Toys or Clothes – Sort your clothes or toys by color. Once you have gotten them all sorted by color you can arrange them into rainbow order by color: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple. Then ask your child to sort your clothes or toys in order from biggest to smallest. It is great to sort by one characteristic and then another.

Movement / Play


Puppet Show – Use some stuffed animals to create a story or play for your family. Place a blanket over the table to put on a puppet show. If your child is having a hard time coming up with their own story try using a story from your favorite children’s book to get you started.