Volume 27

August 9, 2021


  1. No more daily sessions.
  2. Please remember to schedule a weekly meeting.
  3. Tutorial for News Letter
  4. Tools of the Mind link Explore in Child Center.

Movement / Play


  • Who Am I?
    • Take turns acting out different animals
      • Dog, cat, bunny, alligator, chicken, etc.,
    • Goal: Use voice and body movements in different ways and strengthen gross motor skills.

Language / Literacy

  1. Alphabet Letter Sort
    1. Using Sticky Notes or on a piece of paper write all the letters and circle to sort letters by:
  • lowercase
  • uppercase
  • letters in their name
  • straight lines (H)
  • curved lines (c)
  • both curved and straight lines (B)
  • consonants
  • vowel
  1. Sound Recognition:
    1. Workout and practice letter sounds
    2. Practice daily to strengthen letter sound skills.

Math / Science


  1. Sorting Activity
    1. Read Aloud Video:
    2. Attribute Game:
      1. Sort by shape, color and size with this online interactive game
        1. I will send each family their own unique link during our weekly check in.

Art / Writing


  1. Watermelon Torn Paper Art

Read aloud video: The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizoli

This activity builds cutting, gluing and the small muscles in your child’s fingers. This is a fun way for children to build fine motor skills as they begin to learn how to write.


  • red and green construction paper
  • white card stock
  • marker
  • glue


  1. Have child tear the green and red construction paper into tiny squares.
  2. Glue squares on to white paper.
  3. Add dots using marker.

Tip: Model (show) to your child how to glue it down by doing hand over hand or showing them if they need help.

Torn Paper Watermelon Craft - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Torn Paper Watermelon Craft - Fantastic Fun & Learning

Social Emotional

Social Emotional: (30 minutes/ daily)

  1. Read Aloud:
    1. Video: If I were a Lion by Sarah Weeks
      1. Talk about what things you can do to feel better. Also use chart below.

If I Were a Lion: Weeks, Sarah, Solomon, Heather M.: 9781416938378: Books

Math / Science

Science: Hot vs Cold Water

  • Read aloud Video: Is It Warm Enough for Ice Cream? by Violet Peto
  • Big Questions: What do you see? What is happening in the cold water vs hot water?
    • Red and Blue Food Coloring Race
      • Materials:
        • 2 water bottles
        • Food coloring
        • Hot water and cold water
      • How:
        • Watch and see how the food coloring moves in cold vs. hot water.
      • Hot and Cold Ballons
        • How:
          • Fill 2 small balloons with air.
          • Fill 2 cups with water (one hot one cold)
          • Watch what happens to the balloons.
            • The cup with hot water should make the balloon bigger.

Easy Experiments for Kids - Juggling Act Mama    Learn about Hot and Cold Temperature Science Experiments for Kids -

Problem Solving

Challenge of the Week:

Sing the alphabet backwards. Z-A (10 minutes)