Volume 26

June 7, 2021

Teacher Nicole and Teacher Bahiya

Volume 26
Week of June 7-11

 Resource: Check out Seattle Public Library’s Summer of Learning Page!!!

Tips:   Parents and families have a very important role as their child’s first teacher. Children learn in different ways and at different rates. They come to school with varying skills. These guidelines highlight some of the skills children need to be prepared for kindergarten in six developmental areas. The list below suggests ways to work with your child to help him/her be more ready for school. (From Seattle Schools Website)

Resource: Check out Tools of the Mind Website (TOTM)

I texted you the password for the website.

Art / Writing

Practice writing your name and draw a picture that begins with the first letter in your name.

Social Emotional

This is a Social and Emotional activity

Encourage your child to be independent with self-help skills such as picking out own clothes, dressing themselves, brushing own teeth, and cleaning up own toys.

The King of Kindergarten  


Math / Science

Counting the Calendar: It’s a new Month!! Have your child count the days in JUNE 1-30. Point to random numbers and ask what this number is? Have child Jump or clap the numbers.

Language / Literacy

Do you recognize letters in your house: Walk around your house and find letters and words?

Read a book to your child or have child read a book to you. Ask your child questions about the book such as “What part of the story did you like” “what would you do if..”

Letter Scavenger Hunt Find Items in your house or outside that begin with the Letter B