Volume 25

May 28, 2021

Learning Resource for Week Of: June 1st

Message from Teacher Dheko:

Remember you can stop by any library location offering Curbside Services and request Grab & Go bundle of books without a library card. They have books for teens and young readers, and board books for babies. Checkout Bundles contain a surprise selection of materials by genre for you to check out. Selection varies by location. Click the link below to see the branch near you.

Language / Literacy

Listen to hiking day. Listen along to all the things this family sees as they go on a hike.

Movement / Play

Go on a nature walk. There are many parks around us in Seattle to walk around and collect items. Beacon Food Forest in Jefferson Park is a great one that kids love to explore. Bring a small bag with you to collect pinecones, sticks leaves, flowers, rocks, or anything else your child is interested in. You will use some of these materials in activities this week. Remember to wear your mask!

Math / Science

Observe pine cones opening and closing.


  • A variety of opened and closed pine cones
  • 2 large glass dishes
  • Water
  • Air Heater or blow drier
  1. Fill your glass beakers with water.
  2. Place an already closed pinecone in one dish of water, and an opened one in the other.
  3. Turn on your blow dryer or go near a heater. Place a closed pine cone as well as an opened one in front of it.

The pinecones in the water – you will see that the closed pine cone remains closed, but the one that was opened will start to close its “leaves”.

The pinecones in front of the heater: The pine cone that is open will remain open, the closed pine cone will however start to open up.

Talk with your child about why this might happen.

Language / Literacy

Daniel Tiger goes camping. Listen to Teacher Christina read Daniel Tiger goes camping. Click the link below.

Art / Writing

Use sticks, rocks, and leaves to make art. See the examples below to inspire you.