Volume 25

June 7, 2021

Last Library Session
On the 16ht of is our last library session with Mr Steven. Same as always 11:30 to 12. We will take a 5 min break and meet for our Noon class. As the world gets back to normal the libraries are opening back up. I so encourage you to look up your local library and see if they have started back up their children library time.

Online Classroom Link And Updates
Here is the link to the online Classroom.
Password will be in the weekly email.

Important Dates:
June 16– Library time
June 28– End the Of Year

Community Unit Theme
Last week we Learned about firefighters and fire stations. A great extra that you can do is to have your child draw a thank you card for you local fire department, And deliver them to you local station. (Sometimes if they are not busy they will also show the kids the station, or let them look at the truck).

Ms. Mareah Videos!
Teacher Mareah putting the community map together.

Password sent in email

Math / Science

Online Science Game: Planting
and grow veggies



Language / Literacy

Resource: Epic Books–Online Books


Art / Writing

Work with your child on their
community Map (Here is another example)

You can add the Fire Station to the map


Social Emotional

Movement / Play

Explore your parking the neighborhood

Go to you local park and explore and have a picnic.