Volume 24

May 24, 2021

UPDATES: Dr. Jeff Duchin, health officer for Public Health—Seattle& King County, said he “strongly encourages” people to continue wearing masks. Dr. Lena Wen has some guidance for parents:

Reminder NO SCHOOL Monday 5/31 for Memorial Day

Rental Assistance Lottery-

Apply now to participate in rental assistance lottery

In King County –rental assistance available through Dec-Weekly updates re status of application- apply ASAP

For more info:

Calling all adult artists: Proposals for art submissions to Africatown Plaza in the Central Area due May 28th: see this link to apply:

Newsletter set to 7.5 hours home learning weekly/including 20 min reading and 2 exercise times

Social Emotional

Watch this short video and talk with your children: Daniel has a hard time using his words to tell Katerina that he wants to be the train engineer. Teach kids that it is important to use their words when they are frustrated. Remind them that they also need to share.

Skills: conversation about feelings/vocabulary

Language / Literacy


The kindness book safe YouTube link:

Kangaroo, kangaroo, where are you? Safe YouTube link:

Watch Teacher Rebecca’s safe video link on our own web service and hear the story of The Little Old Lady who wasn’t afraid of anything: Can you make the movements with me?  Password=NH – link will be in email above

WRITING PRACTICE: make a daily schedule: practice making pictures and labeling key words for morning/AM and afternoon & evening/PM”.  For older kids add “mid-day” category. 

AM: dress, eat, play, go to class, exercise in or out

PM: play, eat, take a walk or exercise inside, read, bathe, put pajamas on, brush teeth


-Listen to Slippery fish song 🙂

Here’s another ocean song: “There are so many fish in the deep blue sea”

To extend the song: cut out different colored fish out of paper to play this game all week long.

Language skills: Vocabulary/conversation skills, fine motor writing skills.

Art / Writing

You can make art with fish pictures and attach them to pipe cleaners or twist ties to make finger fish puppet :-),   Here’s a website with facts about fish to look at for drawing ideas:

SKILLS: motor skills of cutting& drawing, conversation skills, estimating, and measuring.

Math / Science

Read this book about sizes and line up your animals; which one is tallest?

Read in Spanish and Vietnamese too!

Make a “story problem game“ with your animals and two pieces of paper. All the animals lineup around or on one paper and then something happens: Ask your children “Some of the animals are hungry and want to go find food in this game; which ones will go first?“ Your child will move some animals to the other paper/food and they can put blocks or drawings to show what the animals are eating. How many animals are left? It’s a counting time opportunity.

Do you see animals hiding? Read this book and look for other animals hiding on trees, in the grass, etc.! SKILLS: drawing, vocabulary, observation

Watch these great science videos from National Geographic!

SKILLS: vocabulary, observation, classifying colors, arranging sizes.

Problem Solving


Thinking games we talked about at the parent meeting on Sunday: give your child some game “prompts“ or game starters that are challenges: -1)Can they fill up a whole paper with blocks covering all the space? 2)Can they build a tower with all their green blocks?  Check in on them frequently but you don’t have to sit with them if you give them a fun challenge. Maybe they’ll try their challenge while you play a song for them… Maybe they’ll try the challenge on a tray or a plate while their sibling has another tray or plate…These kind of games/challenges help kids do independent play, learn at their own speed, notice vocabulary elements and practice numbers while having fun!

SKILLS: self-esteem/what I like, self-initiative, color/shape/number vocabulary.  

Movement / Play


Take a walk for 20 minutes a day if possible even if it’s back and forth in front of your house. 


Can you move like these animals from far away in Australia? This link, like all the others is from a commercial free site/or safe links.



Rhyme and Freeze with Jack Hartman: tell your kids to freeze when the end sounds of the words don’t match 


Superhero moving song by Laurie Berkner:

Skills: indoor moving vocab/ moving for exercise/conversation, and imagination skills