Volume 24

July 19, 2021


  1. Class Canceled July 20 – 2, 2021 (Eid Mubarak)
  2. Tutorial for News Letter
  3. Tools of the Mind link Explore in Child Center.
  4. New Library Materials Link:
    Prepare all materials in backpack.
  5. REMINDER: Please remove any distractions (toys, TV, Distractions)
  6. REMINDER: Please have your child use the bathroom before class starts.
  7. All videos have a password please refer to the text message or email.

Movement / Play

  1. Street Signs video:
    1. Take a walk in your neighborhood and look for street signs.
    2. How many did you find? Share it with the class.
  2. Adventure Walk Video:
    1. Go outside and explore your neighborhood just like I did in my video..
    2. Practice social distancing and take a seat on a field, close your eyes and listen with your ears. What do you hear?

Language / Literacy

  1. Story Making
    1. Draw a picture story
    2. Have your child tell you the story once finished
    3. Write down what they tell you to add words to the story.
    4. Make a title Page
      1. Create a title
      2. Child write author: child name
  • Draw a single picture for Title Page

Math / Science

  1. Playdough Geometry
    1. 2-D: Flat Shapes
    2. 3-D: Shapes you can see all around
      1. With playdough and toothpicks make 2-D and 3-D shapes

Art / Writing

1. Sound Recognition:

    1. Practice letter-sound recognition
    2. Mystery Question:


2. Painting with Ice

Create paintings and other works of art with ice! This opportunity enables kids to swirl paints over assorted papers to create beautifully unique designs.​


  1. Craft sticks or popsicle sticks
  2. Assorted papers
  3. Ice cube trays
  4. Liquid child-friendly paints

Social Emotional

  1. Hand gesture for taking turns:
    1. The sign for TURN is an L handshape that starts with the thumb facing the body and turns the thumb to face someone else. This represents the concept that the speaker has finished her turn and it is now someone else’s turn. You can move the hand back and forth in this way to remind children to take turns!

Movement / Play

Challenge of the Week:

Help your mom or dad make the bed every morning. (10 minutes)