Volume 23

May 17, 2021

Teachers Bea, Lisa, Suzanne and Margie
Week May 17 – 21  

Message from your teachers!  

Hello Parents! 

What a Beautiful time of year. As you are enjoying the sunny weather, it is a great time to talk and learn about safety on the playground, bike riding, and around water. A resource below has some great safety tips.  Enjoy your week!

Upcoming dates to remember: 

May 20   3:30 – 4:30   Parent meeting

May 31   Closed for Memorial Day Holiday

  Our four program-wide expectations are Be CourageousBe CuriousBe CompassionateBe A Community. This week we will focus on how children can Be A Community.

We are a community when we….

–      Are kind to one another 

–      Take care of one another

–      Embrace our differences and cultures 

–      Share what we know and care about 

–      Solve problems together

In this week’s Learning Resource, you’ll find an activity to help your child learn about Being A Community! Let us know how it went!


   Please see the resource links below and let us know if you have questions or comments.  Enjoy your week!,the%20top%20of%20the%20slide.

Teacher Bea Email: Work Cell: (206)313-2646Teacher Lisa Email: Work Cell: (206) 480-7230Teacher Suzanne Email: Work Cell: (206)398-9699Teacher Margie Email: Work Cell: (206)779-3881

Problem Solving

Activities from Teacher Bea                               

Button and Zip                

Lead your child through the steps of buttoning, unbuttoning, zipping, and unzipping. Your child will become more confident with her personal care skills of dressing and undressing.

Why this is important

Guiding your child in learning to button and zip helps her learn the skills needed for independent dressing. Children who are struggling to be independent often are unwilling to accept the help they need. By learning the more difficult steps like buttoning and zipping, she or he will be able to take care of their own dressing at home or school.

What you do

Give your child a jacket or sweater with large buttons and buttonholes. Explain and demonstrate how to put the button through the buttonhole. Show her how to push the button halfway through the hole. Then, hold that part of the button as she pulls the cloth over the other half.

Keep a few garments handy that have easy-to-fasten buttons. Let her practice during a long car ride or while waiting at the doctor’s office. Encourage her to button her own clothes when she is ready.

Teach her how to zip a zipper by letting her zip up your coat for you. Explain how to hold the bottom of the coat as she pulls up on the zipper. Resist the urge to finish the job for her. She needs lots of practice to master this skill!

You’re moving

that zipper up,

up, up!

Math / Science

Activities from Teacher Lisa                                     

Make a Tally Chart!


  • Paper and Crayons (or any writing utensil to mark tallies)
  • Colored objects around the house, or colored buttons, shapes, really anything with lots of colors!


  • In Teacher Lisa’s class, we started talking about marking tallies. Tallying is a fun way to count things, AND practice counting by 5’s!
  • First, grab a BUNCH of little objects (I recommend using something small like blocks or buttons) and have your child sort them by color. How many of each color do they have?
  • On a piece of paper, help your child tally each color (an example picture is below). Remember that tallies are in groups of 5, so if your child can count by 5’s, they can count a little faster! I’ve also found a fun poem to help your child remember how to group tallies.


Language / Literacy

Teacher Lisa’s Home Video:                                 

While you watch the video below, your child can enjoy learning about a kind and caring Newt, the letter N and counting.                    

Lisa4: ABC Book: The Nicest Newt

Social Emotional

Activities from Teacher Suzanne                     

“Community Matters”       

Click on the link below.   After reading or listening to the book, “Community Matters,” talk with your child about who is in your community?   A community can be in your home.   What do you all do to take care of one another in your home community?

Have them use crayons and paper to draw about who is in your community. Write the words they tell you about their pictures.

Language / Literacy

Activities from Teacher Margie 

Fun Warm weather songs to enjoy!

Playground Song 

Sung to: “Row, Row, Row, your Boat”

Pump, pump, pump the swing,
pump the swing so high.
You pump so high
You touch the sky
Then down you come again.

Climb, climb, climb the bar,
Climb the bar so high.
You climb so high
you touch the sky
Then down you climb again.

Ride, ride, ride your trike,
around the yard again.
You ride so fast
you’re back at last
Then around you go again.


Summer’s Here

Sung to: “Frere Jacques”

Days are longer, sunshine’s stronger.
Summer’s here! Summer’s here!
Lets jump through the sprinkler,
Lets make lemonade,
Summer’s here! Summer’s here!