Volume 22

June 14, 2021

Hello Parents,

This week we learned about farm animals and had fun reading farm books. For most of us it was a journey to a place not like home;  I can’t remember the last time I visited a farm.

It’s great to “visit” new kinds of places to stir up wonder and discovery!

Happy Learning, Teacher Laura

WEEK: June 7

THEME:  farm animals


COLOR:  orange


Language / Literacy

15 minutes


by David Shannon

We see ducks swim.

We see ducks fly.

We see ducks walk in the grass, but……

Have you ever seen a duck drive a tractor?

Art / Writing

15 minutes


Can you draw a duck?  Can you draw a cow?  Can you draw a pig?  What colors will you use to draw these farm animals?

Problem Solving

15 minutes

How many apples can you count way up high

in the apple tree?

Social Emotional

Here’s a game to remember good manners.  Parents, this game will help your child grow in the skill of listening and responding in conversation.


For this game you need a “mother” on one side of the yard or room and other players in a line across the other end of the room.

One at a time the mother calls out the name of a player and tells them how many steps they can take toward her, and what kind of step, either a baby step, medium step or giant step.  “Katy, you may take one giant step.”

If Katy remembers to say these words “MOTHER MAY I? “ then she gets to take one giant step forward. If she forgets to say “mother may I”  and takes the giant step, she has to go back to where she was until her next turn.

The winner is the one that reaches the mother first!

Movement / Play

PARENT – Take a summertime walk outside with your child to look for signs of summer and listen for summer sounds.  Ask questions and help her use her sense of touch, sight, hearing and smell.