Volume 22

June 7, 2021

Teacher Diane and Malika   

Learning Resources Volume 22


Virtual Rules   

  • Join 5 minutes before the Session starts   
  • Unmute the mic, turn on the camera   
  • Encourage the child to talk and sing   
  • Have materials close by   




o Learning experiences that will gently challenge- but not frustrate your child.     


• Children see other children

• Sing songs and play games


Movement / Play



w/Teacher Keke   Tap Your Toe and Follow Me


  • Your child needs to be sitting

Language / Literacy

Graphics Practice


  • Set aside time for child to practice making fish bones- long line down, short line across; T  I  F  H  E  L
  • Half- eaten cookies- around and stop; C  P  D  B  S  G
  • Grass blowing in the wind- slant, slant; R  A  K  N  X  Y  Z
  • Bowls- down, curve up; U u
  • Ice cream cones- down, up, across and then around, close; V v
  • Stacking boxes- down, across, up, across (each box is a rectangle.  They get smaller and smaller smaller.) Tower


Book- Let’s Get a Checkup

Looking/listening to a story together- encourage child to talk, by asking the questions you heard during Story Lab



Mystery Word (beginning sounds)  





Story Time      


 (Story Extension)

 Besos For Baby    


Share the News

Learning to think aloud.


Math / Science

Venger Collage

Making a collage design with circles, triangles, rectangles and squares.

I Have Who Has Numbers

Art / Writing

Let’s Pretend Doctor

Making Eye Charts and paper eye glasses in different colors

writing, drawing, coloring and cutting


Social Emotional

Setup a station with several choices.

Ask your child to choose one activity.

Observe to see if your child can stay engaged for 15- 20 minutes before starting another activity.


drawing with colored pencils                                     

Paper, scissors and glue


play dough with scissors

This is a good link to click on while your child is eating breakfast or snack.

Problem Solving

Floor Puzzle- turning chaos into order



Tangram shapes with picture cards
give your child a set of tangram (7 pieces)

A picture card with or without the outline- observe while they turn chaos into order