Volume 22

May 12, 2021




-OPTION B MONTHLY MEETING SUN 5/23 3:00-3:45 on Teams

-NO SCHOOL MON 5/31 Memorial Day

Getting your children ready for return to preschool and kindergarten:

Children who: 

-come to class regularly, 

-help get their supplies ready for class, 

-practice newsletter “homework“ 

-and play games from the thinking section of our newsletter will be well prepared for in-person class!

Please call, email, or text if your child will not be in class – it’s expected in kindergarten.  

Reminder: Southwest and High Point point library Are open for some in person services.

NEWSLETTER SET TO 7.5 hours of HOME LEARNING WEEKLY: READING AND EXERCISING at least 20 min a day each included

Social Emotional

Play the emotions game online and see if your child can guess how the teacher leader is feeling…

Skills: conversation about feelings/vocabulary

Language / Literacy


Cat secrets is a great book that teaches children how to read “conversations” as the cats have word bubbles that show which cat is talking.

Don’t forget you can read books in multiple languages at

WRITING PRACTICE: we are doing cheers with the initial letter for each day of the week: have your child say “M-M-M-Monday” as they are getting ready for class and when you do writing you can show them a string of M-M-M and the abbreviation “MON”


Peanut butter jelly song

Language skills: Vocabulary/conversation skills


Art / Writing

Can you follow the directions in teacher Rebecca’s video and make ice cream cone art, a tic-tac-toe board,And cut some paper to make a woven placemat? Enjoy  🙂

SKILLS: motor skills of cutting& drawing, conversation skills, turn taking, & patterning!

Math / Science

MATH: Have your child count the different animal toys in your house. Put them into groups on a number line piece of paper and see which ones you have more of.

Do you have more bears or more dogs? 

Do you have more animals that live on a farm or more animals that live in a zoo?

Take a walk and look for numbers. Can your child find the number of their age on a car?

Can they find the number of their house on another house?

Read Spot counting book

SCIENCE: Last week some of us watched a video about an ice cream factory. It’s fun to see how the milk is heated and mixed and made delicious with extra ingredients


SKILLS: Conversation and observation: how do machines work? How is food made?


Problem Solving


Guess the animal sounds game:

If you don’t want to play a video look at a book together that has pictures of more than one animal on a page, then tell your child to close their eyes and you make a sound of one of the animals. See if they can guess which animal they are hearing.


Try the red light green light song to practice listening skills.  To make a pretend game with this song you can have your child make a car out of a paper box you cut the bottom out of and they can “drive” their car around while moving to the song. Red Light song

You can also play this little Sesame Street song about driving in a car

SKILLS: listening and naming animals out loud.  

If you’re happy and you know it dancing with a group of children:

We had fun with the banana meatball song from GoNoodle: it helps you practice patterns!


Move to the days of the week song practicing time and exercise together: 

Skills: indoor moving vocab/ moving for exercise/conversation, and imagination skills.