Volume 20

April 26, 2021



Rebecca‘s class monthly meeting is Sunday 4/25 from three to 3:45 PM 

on teams

All Class Parent Center Meeting: library resources  Apr 27,21 4:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 835 1467 4573

Passcode: 1234

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Suggested lesson plan time amounts per week: 7.5 hours week

Social Emotional

Sometimes before starting a new activity it’s great to introduce some relaxation breathing to help kids focus. Here’s an idea from one website and my idea for “hand squeeze relaxation “follows:

Mindful Breathing: How to try it: Let kids know that they will be practicing mindful breathing. Explain that mindful breathing is just focusing on breathing in and out to help calm our minds and bodies. There are many different mindful breathing exercises to try out. One of my favorites is “Cool off the pizza.” In this activity, have kids pretend they have a hot slice of pizza in front of them. Slowly breathe in to smell the pizza and breathe out to cool it down.

Hand Squeeze Relaxation: I learned to take a breath while squeezing my fists in a relaxation class. I taught it to some of my preschool students in classrooms where I had naptime and we called it hand squeeze breathing.

Squeeze fist/breathe through nose while mouth is closed/exhale/repeat two more times

This is great to do before sleep as it really helps kids’ muscles unwind.


Skills targeted: Mindfulness, Coping Skills, Managing Emotions

Language / Literacy


Another way to read and learn the keywords in one of our favorite books. The color words are highlighted in this video! Brown bear with book and flannel board story

Who’s awake in spring time.  Learn animal vocabulary and imagine how you could be an animal too.


Young children learn writing best when they can engage their senses too. Some of you have these wiki sticks cards you can put them out and roll long strips of Playdoh to put on top.

No cards? Trace out some medium-size letters and put them in a plastic bag to roll dough on

A= down left, down right, accross

B= down line, bump around from top to middle & bump around from middle to end of line…..

You’ll have to use some warmth  from your hands and some pressure to roll the dough thin and long. It’s relaxing!


We love to play a game online called Jack in the box; Grab a laundry basket or a box and invite your children to play along while you sing the chant  to them

“Jack in the box, so quiet and still -won’t you come out?”

Remind your child to say “yes I will!“ as they throw open their arms- you can practice once before you play. This can be fun to play at the beginning or end of playtime as a way to reconnect with children and help them get ready for the activity of focusing or cleaning up.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday too, Friday too – Five school days, five school days…two to rest – two to rest (rest head on 2 fingers that represent sat and sun) – this video helps you practice the sign language for the days of the week.

Password: NH

Language skills: Vocabulary/conversation skills/Fine motor skills/making letter shapes


Art / Writing


Give your children a mirror and some tiny toys like Legos and invite them to make their face with toys 🙂

Skills: vocabulary of shapes, fine motor skills practice, and self-identity

Math / Science

This last week some of us counted out three different sized Playdough balls and rolled them down tubes to catch them in cups. Giving your child a cardboard tube and a couple of cups to balance on and catch the balls with can help them practice numbers, shapes, and the physics of balancing. Letting children play with balls and tubes is science and math together. Ask them if they can help you: row five ball is the same size.

Raw three balls of different sizes.

Can they figure out how to get the balls to go down the tube and into a cup?

SCIENCE: now that it’s spring don’t forget to continue going out and making friends with the tree. Look at the tree closest to your house or at the park that you go to every time you go out. Does it have a new leaves? Say hello to the tree and get to know it!

If children learn to notice things in their environment they will pay more attention when they get to science class and have to look at things that are new or unusual.

Skills: saying number names and sizes out loud/Learning about sprouting, flower colors,/new vocab & observation skills

Problem Solving


Looking for things in your house that start with the letter of their name: can you find something that’s the shape of your letter?

Letter A looks like a mountain. Do you have any tall triangle shaped things in your house or pictures of mountains?

R kind of looks like a person walking. Maybe you can find a picture of a person walking in a book that looks like a letter R?

Skills: vocabulary, letter recognition

Movement / Play


Pretend you’re in the jungle and count and exercise to this great video:

Last week we danced like monsters- you can do it too. Maybe you’ll even make a mask to wear or hold up?

Move and pretend with the Laurie Berkner band. Here are mini versions of three of her songs all together in one!

Skills: indoor moving vocab/imagination and storytelling practice/moving for exercise!