Volume 20

April 23, 2021

Learning Resource for Week Of: April 26th

Message from Teacher Christina:

We will continue playing with our pretend pets this week! Help your child find props that they can use with their pet. They may want a bowl to give them water, a small box as a kennel, or a pillow as a pet bed.

Addressing Anti-Asian Bias

Neighborhood House grieves the loss of the seven women (six of whom were Asian) and one man in Georgia last month. We condemn the violence and we stand with our Asian friends, clients, board members, and staff in solidarity and support.

Women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, immigrants, Muslims, and other diverse individuals exist in a world where we are always at-risk of becoming a target of hate. Many of us have experienced or have been impacted by harassment, stereotyping, or violence because of our gender, racial, religious, or other identity. The rise in hate is especially troubling as an agency that is primarily staffed by and serving immigrants, refugees, and BIPOC communities.

We wrote about the alarming increase in bias and harassment against Asian American communities a year ago in the April 2020 Equity IRL. Since then, things have gotten even worse. The racist actions and words of leaders and influencers have made many of us feel less safe. At Neighborhood House, we seek to create environments that are welcoming, supporting, and affirming spaces for all our staff and clients and we collectively stand against anti-Asian violence.

Visit the link here to watch the PBS series Asian Americans about the history of identity, contributions, and challenges experienced by Asian Americans

Suggested Home Learning Activities For This Week:

Language / Literacy

Read Kittens first full moon. It is Kitten’s first full moon, and when she sees it she thinks it is a bowl of milk in the sky. Will she be able to reach it?

Letter recognition-I Have, Who Has: Practice letters n-z with this fun game! Your child has played this game in school so they should be familiar with it. One player starts saying “I have _,” filling in the name of the letter on the icon side of the card. Then the player turns over the card and asks “Who has _?” filling in the name of the letter now showing on the non-icon side of the card. This goes on until all the cards are played. Click on the link below to play!

Listen along as I read Pet Show. There are so many types of pets. What kind of pets will be at the show? Click the link to listen to me read Pet Show.

Read Olivia Becomes a Vet: Olivia imagines what it would be like to become a veterinarian.



Math / Science

Look at the picture below together and talk about some of the things that could happen at a pet adoption. What do you notice? Someone is painting pictures of the pets. The dog is barking at the cat. What should we pretend the problem is? Have them choose what role they would like to pretend and what they will do. Then your child can draw that plan in their journal. Support them to write what they will play today.

Movement / Play

Keep your chin up and learn to look up in order to feel up with this empowering mindfulness exercise!