Volume 20

April 23, 2021

Teachers Bea, Lisa, Suzanne and Margie
Week April 26-30, 2021 Learning Resource 24

Message from your teachers!  

Welcome to this week’s learning resource, everyone! We have a very special announcement!! We are so excited to welcome back Teacher Margie to the team!! Teacher Margie has been out but is back and ready to get back to working with your families! J Welcome back, Teacher Margie!

As always, in the links below, you can find some resources that may be helpful to you. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your teacher! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

As we mentioned last week, our four program-wide expectations are Be Courageous, Be Curious, Be Compassionate, Be A Community. This week we will be focusing on how children can be courageous.

Children are courageous when they:

  • Try new things for the first time
  • Ask questions
  • Make a mistake and try again
  • Share their own feelings
  • Stand up for what is right

In this week’s Learning Resource, you’ll find an activity to help your child learn about Being Courageous! Let us know how it went!

Teacher Bea Email: Work Cell: (206)313-2646Teacher Lisa Email: Work Cell: (206) 480-7230Teacher Suzanne Email: Work Cell: (206)398-9699

Movement / Play

Activities from Teacher Bea 

Big Box Basketball! An easy-peasy way to release some energy and practice tossing skills!


Materials Needed:

  • Big cardboard box (or a laundry basket!)
  • Small balls to toss (if you don’t have these, you can use rolled-up socks!_


  1. Set up the box somewhere in an open space and place the balls nearby.
  2. Demonstrate to your child how to toss a ball into the box. You can support them as they try this if they are still practicing this skill.
  3. Once all the balls have been tossed in the box, you can repeat the activity! You can even have them toss a certain number, or a certain color – have fun with it!

Social Emotional

Activities from Teacher Lisa

Be Courageous! 

Here’s another simple way to teach your child about Being Courageous. One of the ways we can Be Courageous is by trying something new.

A simple way to do this is to talk with your child about things they’ve never tried (this could include things like a game, helping with a house chore, or trying a new food!). You can even work with your child to write these things down on strips of paper. (Your child could even help cut out strips of paper!)

When your child wants to do something, you could pull out one of those strips from a hat or a box! No matter what activity you end up trying with your child, always remember to be there as a support when they’re trying something new!

For example, in the pictures below, this Mom is helping her child build something with blocks! Let us know how your child learned to Be Courageous this week!

Language / Literacy

Activities from Teacher Suzanne 

Springtime learning

  1. Listen to or read the story, “Spring Senses” by Leona Locke*

Click the link below for the book, “Spring Senses.”    You can click on the microphone icon and the book will be read to you as many times as you like or you can read it to your child yourself.

  1. After reading the book one time, you can listen or read again. Ask your child, “What did you like about the story? Is there anything outside that matches pictures in the story?”
  2. Walk outside or go for a short walk around the block and explore the outside. When you come back, ask your child to draw about what they saw. Talk about colors, smells, and how the air felt. (Remember you wear your mask!)
  3. Use crayons or markers, white paper or any paper you have. Write down words the child tells you about their drawing.

*This book developed by Unite for Literacy


Listen! Look! Feel! Spring is all around.

Math / Science

Activities from Teacher Margie

Springtime Scavenger Hunt! 

The weather has been so warm and full of sunshine! If you and your family decide to take a nature walk together, FIRST please remember to wear a mask! Next, take this list with you and your child can look for these things! They can even count how many things they found, and identify the colors and textures of what they find! (P.S., it’s okay if they don’t find everything on the list!)