Volume 20

April 16, 2021


Teachers Martha Dominguez and Mamata Das | ECEAP Class 126

Spring 2021 Vol. 20 | Week of 04/19-23/2021

Reminder:  Monthly Parent Meeting April 27th @ 4:00 PM!

         All Topics for Parents About:

+ COVID-19 Vaccine

+ Retail Pharmacy Program

+ Highline School District Guia para estar Listos para el Kindergarten

+ Seattle Public Schools Preparing for Kindergarten Somali

+ Escuelas Publicas de Seattle Preparandose para el Kindergarden

Social Emotional

Book: How Would You Feel If You Were a Kite?

An Animted Short Film “Red Kite”

Activity: What would you do if you were a KITE?


Trace a rhombus shape to make a kite, and have your child cut it and decorate it. Then ask her, and write down dictation!


Language / Literacy

Alphabet Ping-Pong Drop       

Rhyming Vocabulary Words

Teacher Martha Rhymes “Five Little Kites”



Art / Writing

                                 “K” is for


KITE                   KANGAROO                 KEY                    KING

Math / Science

“The Earth Book”

Recipe: “Making Puffy Paint”


Problem Solving

Book: “Kite Day”

Video:Let’s Build a Kite”

Science Project for Kids by SciShowKids

Another Idea:

“Wind Spinner Activity”   


Movement / Play

Jump Rope | Dance Along | PinkFong

10 Gross Activities with Socks

Yoga for Toddlers with

Alyssa Jean Klazek: Seated