Volume 20

May 18, 2021

Teacher Tina                                                           5/17 to 5/21

Here are our emails:

Teacher Tina:

Email me anytime if you have any questions.

Spring is here!

So quickly April is over and as we say in our video calls goodbye April Hello May.

I hope with the nice weather outside that everyone is able to get outdoors


Stay hydrated especially now that the weather is getting nicer. There is a chart below which has the average amount of water per age to drink each day.

Hi everyone

We wanted to tell you we are starting a new theme. We started it last week it is the GROCERY THEME. This will include talk about trips to the grocery store. We will read books about grocery stores, songs and fun pretend play. When you have time talk with your child about the grocery store and what things they might notice In the store. Talk about different roles you could pretend to play in the grocery store. Like Cashier, customer, stocker who stocked the shelves, there could be a flower shop, a Starbucks, also a store manager. Try and have fun with it.

Remember to join onto the tools portal so that your child can engage

In the online learning activities on the portal. There are a variety of

Learning activities and theme related books for your children can

Interact with and enjoy.

Resources- Check out the Tools of the portal website.

Click the link below

We are on week 10 in the child center

Your child can explore and learn online and interact in some additional learning activities. I emailed you the password.  


In our classroom we set up things like this with role cards so the kids can do pretend play and act out a role. Kids love to be the cashier and it also helps with their math skills by counting and sorting. Encourage you children to make a shopping list they can have you help them write or draw pictures of the food.

This week our pretend play is the cashier and we were practicing scanning items as we are the cashier. Next we will pretend to bag up the items. When we scan each item we say beep, beep.

Fun at the ocean


I appreciate you joining our video calls and each week. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.


Video calls are: 10am ,1130am, 1pm     Mon thru Thurs

Movement / Play

Cutting out shapes

Kids love cutting with scissors and it really supports their fine motor skills. Encourage your child to draw or trace some shapes on paper and for additional fun glue them on paper and make a collage


Jumping Animals

In this fun jumping game from The Inspired Treehouse, work on coordination, gross motor skills, balance, and more as your child gets to pretend to be different jumping animals.







Here is another video of Teacher singing our favorite songs.


Your child’s teacher will email you the password.


Art / Writing

Encourage your child to make a grocery list. You can help support them if they need help writing. Another idea you could do is have your child draw a picture of the item they want on their list. They could tape or glue it to their list if the want. Ask your child what kinds of things they need on their grocery list. Share with them what you put on your grocery list. Last encourage them to do pretend play and play roles of cashier, customer, mom, dad, manager, delivery driver.

Language / Literacy

As you read books with your children. Asking them open ended questions and encourage them to tell you what the story was about. Ask them to see if they can tell you some details from the story.

Encourage your child to find and read books about families.

Click links below

*This is a video link of teacher Tina reading the story Mommy and me.

Here is two books about taking a trip to the grocery store.

Enjoy and ask your child questions about what they see.


Math / Science

Sink or float

Making collections of items that you find outside and then sorting the items.

With this activity a follow up is to then glue the nature items on the paper.

Encourage your child to count how many items that they have and will pretend to sell. Encourage them to count and write down a list of items with numbers.

You can first have your child paint pasta or just have them string the pasta. Another thing you can do is have them string cheerios. Ask them to count how many pasta, cheerios that the put on their string or thread. Last they can wear their necklace