Volume 2

September 27, 2021

Ms. Hanifa and Ms. Nadifa

High Point – Community Center
September 27 – October 1, 2021


  1. Class will meet for 30 minutes once weekly on Wednesday at 3:00.
  2. Mask wearing tips for kids below.
  3. This week we will focus on emotions. Talk to your child about different emotions at home and say how they are feeling out loud.

Movement / Play

Practice how to skip with your child. Allow you and your child to watch this explains how to move your body to practice skipping. (1-5 times a week for 15 minutes)

Art / Writing

Using a marker have a free draw. Let your child draw whatever they want. Practice with your child to hold the marker with three fingers. (1-3 times a week for 10 minutes)

Thumb below and fingers on top

Math / Science

Triangle Practice

Language / Literacy


  1. Shared Book Reading
    1. Pick a familiar book in your household or use the one below.
    2. On each page ask your child what is going on in the picture.
    3. Then read the story
    4. Continue asking first then reading the story book to your child.
    5. Story: Very Hungry Caterpillar by Carle
    6. ABC song
      1. Practice saying letter and identifying letter with the song.
      2. Video:

(Time 10 minutes/ day)

Social Emotional

  1. Story Read Aloud – First Day Critter Jitters by Jory John
    1. Watch:
    2. Talk about how your child feels about returning to school, making friends, and meeting their teacher.
    3. How did the critters feel? Talk about the different feelings.
    4. Remind your child that a lot of the children feel the same way, they are nervous too, and your teacher is their to help you feel safe and have fun.

Math / Science

  1. Teach your child to wear a mask to protect themselves from getting sick. Use the videos below to help your child learn the importance of masks and handwashing.
    1. Videos:
      1. Why do I have to wear a mask?
      2. Jack Hartman
    2. Books
      1. Why do people wear masks at school? By Teacher Nicole

Problem Solving

Challenge of the Week:

Talk about happy versus excited. What does it mean to be happy? Or excited? (10 minutes)